Our Halloween

I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that Halloween has already come and gone, and that it's November now. Today was a chilly, sad day and I celebrated the fact that it didn't snow by buying myself a caramel brulee latte and playing the Fallout Boy version of "What's This" three times in a row while driving home from physical therapy.

We had a wonderful Halloween though, even if the end of the night turned a little crazy.

I had a rough start to the day by waking up more nauseous than I had been in a long, long time. Luckily I was able to solve it with some medication- it seems that I just hadn't digested any of the food I had eaten the previous night. That's never a fun way to wake up. But when I was up and feeling better R and I spent a good deal of time perfectly applying her ghost makeup so she'd look perfect for her preschool costume parade (her preschool is part of an elementary school so they get to walk around with all the big kids too!) Everything looked wonderful...

... until I couldn't find they keys to the Trans Am and R absolutely and completely melted down at the prospect of driving the Commander. She cried off all her adorable makeup and I may or may not have cried a little too. We had invited our friends to come to her preschool Halloween party and then accidentally gave them the wrong time, so we didn't have any time to re-apply her makeup as we rushed out the door to meet our friends.

It was ok though because I got a little bit of makeup back on her face as we had Starbucks with our friends, and she ended up looking pretty adorable for her parade and party.

She loved staring at all the big kids in the parade and then had a great time at the little party her preschool put on. I've probably said this before but I just love her preschool so, so, so much!

After the party we went home and I decided that while the sun was shining and I was feeling ok that it was time to clean out the Commander. It had accumulated a full Ikea bag of clothes, toys, and other junk and needed a good vacuuming. We went and did that and then bought some candy to put out at our house. We waited for N to get home and I put out our bowl of candy with a "please only take one sign." This has worked twice in the past and I've come home to a practically full bowl of candy, but this Halloween we definitely had a "dumper." And on a year I bought good candy too!

When N got home we all headed to my parents house and I dressed up in my favorite werewolf costume (sadly I didn't get any pictures of myself) and painstakingly reapplied R's makeup, threatening to eat all her candy if she had another meltdown. (Spoiler alert: I've eaten most of her candy anyway.) My parents got us pizza and then left to go see a movie and we were joined by our dear friends Travis and Courtney and their three kids for trick-or-treating.

Their girls are SO good and sweet to R who is such a little bossy boss. They ran with her from house to house getting candy, and even tried to reassure her at some of the scarier houses. Three houses in my parents neighborhoods had really awesome haunted houses set up in the front of the house or in the garage and it gave me lots of grand ideas for the future. Ideas I can hopefully talk my parents into funding and hosting. ;)

Difficult to see but one of the haunted house setups. (Drag to url bar to enlarge.)
After hanging out for awhile we all headed home and all was well until about 1am. N got up to go to the bathroom and I immediately knew something was wrong. Sure enough, he was very, very sick- and let me know that he had been feeling off since he eaten lunch, but thought he had gotten over it.

Because we have a one bathroom house and I 1) need to go to the bathroom frequently and 2) have a massive phobia regarding throwing up, I decided to throw a sleeping R into the car and go back to my parents house. I'm thankful we're always welcome back at their place when we're having a bathroom crisis, haha.

R and I ended up staying over the entire next day and the following night as well in order to let N recover. He even took Saturday (his busiest day!) off of work because of how sick he felt. When N takes off work you KNOW something is seriously wrong. Luckily he was feeling much better yesterday and we came home. One day we'll have more than one bathroom and things will be a lot easier. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. ;)

Hope you all had a wonderfully wicked Halloween!


  1. And gotta love blogger it just deleted my comment! Ugh! It went like this super cute ghost, awesome makeup, boo to tantrums and hubby getting sick, I miss CO but yay looks like a great Halloween! :)

    1. Thank you we had so much fun! And the weather was actually pretty nice. I wore a hoodie while trick or treating and was actually a little warm. It was much better than the freezing cold/ wind that we had last year!

  2. R's ghost costume was freaking amazing- I LOVED how it popped at night! I feel your pain about Halloween being over... I feel like I blinked and missed it this year :-(

    The neighbor's haunted house set up was freaking amazing- talk about going all out!

    Trent got sick on our honeymoon.. It was a single room/ single bathroom set up.... I ended up getting another room. I hate being so freaked out, but I literally feel you pain on the sickness issues. :-(


    1. Thank you! She looked so great at night- like a true little ghost running through the darkness!

      That is such a bummer about your husband (omg you're married!!!) I 100% would have done the same exact thing. If my parents didn't live near me I'd get a hotel room every time my husband got sick at home! I just can't with that kind of thing.

      HOW WAS THE WEDDING?!?! You have to do a recap post or something!!!