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It's been awhile since I've written a life/ health update and a lot has happened since the last time I wrote!

Mental health wise things are still up and down- though mostly down. I ended up switching medications from Prozac to Wellbutrin and it's taken awhile for most of the strange side effects I got from the Prozac to leave me. I'm not doing terribly well and I think it's finally time to admit that my OCD really has the best of me and that I need to try cognitive behavioral therapy. Finding a therapist has been really difficult and I don't really have a lot of time during the week to actually go to therapy. I know I need to make it a priority but uggh.

I've been in physical therapy for my jaw and pelvic floor for over a month now and I'm really happy with it. I absolutely adore my therapist and I wish I could go to her everyday! She's been massaging me (my face/ head/ neck) and doing "dry needling" which isn't very fun but helps a lot. She recommended I go to a special dentist who does botox treatments for TMJD and so I had that done last week. The dentist botoxed my temporalis (head) and masseter (jaw) muscles and he said it can take up to a week to kick in so I'm really hoping it helps relax those muscles. They actually didn't have enough botox for my treatment in the office during my appointment, so I'm going back this Wednesday to finish it. Since botox isn't FDA approved for treatment of these muscles (not because it's dangerous but because getting FDA approval costs a bajillion dollars) my insurance wouldn't pay a dime. I had to put it on my credit card which I was *so close* to paying off but if this helps me then every penny will be worth it. Knock on wood!

My stomach has been giving me ups and downs but I'm still doing much better than I was before my surgery. My reflux is still horrible and uncontrollable but I'm going to wait to address that for awhile.

More interestingly, my general practitioner believes that a lot of the things I suffer from might stem from an autonomic nervous system disorder. She said she'd refer me to a neurologist (a specialist I've never seen before!) so we'll see what happens there. From what I've read there aren't really any treatments except symptom management for these types of disorders, but I'd feel a lot better if I knew my issues stemmed from a single cause instead of having a bunch of random conditions. My thyroid levels are decent and apparently I'm allergic to sesame seeds?

My GP also did a rheumatoid (blood) panel to see if my hand pain stems from arthritis. Depending on the results I might have to see a rheumatologist (another specialist I've never seen before!) and while I really want my results to be fine, I also want to know what the source of my pain is.

I have so many doctors appointments that between them and R's school and dance schedule I really haven't had a lot of time for much! Especially with how horrible my fatigue has been. I have good days and bad days- a lot of bad days- but I'm trying to get by. Thankfully N is the best, most supportive husband in the world and he helps with everything. I'd be in big trouble without him.

Speaking of N, he went to a spine specialist for his back and it turns out that two of his lower back disks are compressed/ damaged and have arthritis. He got a cortisone shot and has been going to physical therapy as well. He learned in PT that he has very weak abdominal/ core muscles (the muscles that support your lower back) and that he needs to strengthen them. He hasn't been playing hockey anymore which has been good for his back but sad for him. When his abdominal muscles strengthen I think he will be able to return but I'm not sure he wants to risk it anymore. Either way it's  a bummer for sure but nowhere near as bad as we thought- thank goodness!

R is still loving preschool and dance class- and has loved her new tap class. I've volunteered at her preschool a few times and will be helping out with their Halloween party this week. After volunteering all I can say is thank goodness for preschool teachers. They are saints! I could never do that job in a million years! Here is how her school picture turned out...

If any of you remember my major mental meltdown/ overreaction regarding her dance pictures you'll know that these pictures went better than my wildest dreams. I needed to do a follow up to that post actually. You see I got her group pictures back and not only was she in both of them, she was also not the only little girl crying, and the vast majority of the girls had funny looks on their faces. Oh and if you're curious here's the video of how her dance recital turned out. We were so proud!

Till next time!

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  1. Sorry to hear that things haven't been great on the mental health front :-(. I am interested to hear about the therapist (if you do end up going and share if it helps). I've been considering it too..

    I'm glad that physical therapy has been good.. how did the Botox treatment work?? Have you got to visit the neuro doc yet? That would be so awesome if they could maybe figure out where some of the problems are stemming from. Even if it's still treating symptoms, it seems like it would be nice to know..

    That sucks big time about N's back... hopefully working the muscles will help him out.

    R's picture is adorable.. and I agree.. basically all teachers are saints. There is no way that I could deal with the stuff that they do.

    Oh- did you see that Jessa Duggar got married??