R's First Day of Preschool

I just picked R up and that means we have officially completed our first week of preschool! I'll be honest, it feels a little surreal that she's old enough to be in preschool at all. It doesn't make me sad or nostalgic, but it does feel strange. Most of all, I LOVE IT, 2.5 hours of free time twice a week?! Heaven! But ask me how I feel when she picks up her first communicable disease. Let's just not think about that. ;)

For her first day I decided to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon (duh) and make her a little chalkboard sign. I found this great silver frame at Michael's when I was picking up a Silhouette Cameo (post for another time!) and when I saw it was buy one get one free I really couldn't say no. So we have one in pink too! Her adorable outfit is completely from Target- shoes, dress, and headband. Target has the cutest toddler clothes EVER.

She wouldn't be my child without a little attitude!

But I got some smiles!


Her preschool is at the same elementary school N went to when he was little!

When it was time for class to start I took her in, signed her in, and she sat down to play right away! She completely stopped paying attention to me and I wasn't sure whether I should try and say goodbye or just book it. I didn't want her to freak out at me just disappearing so I told her bye and didn't look back! Her teachers said she did perfect and she acted perfectly when I went to pick her up!

Today was a little different. She was a bit more nervous to enter the classroom and there was another little girl having a massive meltdown. The other girl's mother (grandmother?) left at the same time I did and the little girl's freak out triggered a freak out in Reagan. I could hear her screaming when I was outside the building but I knew that going back in would just make things worse and that she was in capable hands. When I went to pick her up her teacher said that she didn't stay upset for long and was fine as soon as the other little girl calmed down.

I had anticipated a massive meltdown from her the first day and I knew she was going to struggle a little sooner or later. This girl still has problems at dance class and she's been going to that for almost a year now! But it was a wonderful two days and I'm looking forward to many free afternoons filled with baby-free errands!


A quick update...

Hellllllllllooooo out there!

I'm still here (mostly in spirit) and I definitely haven't abandoned my blog! Things have been crazier than usual lately so I thought I'd pop in for a quick rundown on why I've been MIA and might be for just a bit longer...

I've been working! Ok, not going to a job working, but my mom's friend hired me to do some copy writing for her website and I've been working like crazy on it. That's the #1 reason why I haven't been posting here. If I'm on my blogging computer it's because I'm working on the website text. I've gotten a good chunk of it done but I still have a bit more to go so I won't be posting much in the next few weeks. It's been tough but I'm hoping I can pick up some more of these jobs because mama's Trans Am needs a new coat of paint!

R IS STARTING SCHOOL! Preschool to be exact, but school nonetheless. I put off enrolling her in preschool until this summer and by that time the preschool I had wanted her to go to had closed down. It actually ended up re-opening under another name but the prices went up and we just couldn't swing it. I tried getting in touch with the preschool at the elementary school our neighborhood is assigned to, but after 2 weeks of not hearing back I decided to call the preschool at N's old elementary school.

Not only did the preschool director actually pick up the phone (and was super duper nice) but the school is actually closer to us! I went and enrolled R that day and now she's set to start school next Tuesday. I am really nervous at how she'll behave because she has issues adjusting to new things and being separated from me/ N (initially), but I'm stoked at the prospect of 2 1/2 child free hours twice a week. I'm acting all tough but I'm probably going to miss her while she's gone. Maybe. ;)

I'm having major writers block right now regarding the last pieces of the work I'm doing so hopefully that will clear soon. Then I'll be back here and hopefully getting up all the posts I say I am going to do and then never do.


Our Vacation Part 1

Today marks exactly one week since I got home from Montana, and although I'm happy to be back in my own bed (and only sharing my bathroom with two other people!) I miss the lake dearly! Even the 16 hour car ride (one way!) doesn't sound so bad right now. ;)

The trip up there wasn't so bad, and I ended up only having one bad panic attack. I kept myself completely drugged out on Zofran/ Reglan/ Compazine/ Xanax/ Dramamine/ Benadryl and instead of sitting in a seat I laid down a back and middle row seat and made a bed for myself in the back of the car. It is NOT something I recommend and is NOT something I would do again. I ended up flying home!

I also wore a motion sickness patch prescribed by my doctor, and it ended up causing me to lose my close up vision for a day after I took it off. Anything that was within 2 feet of my face was completely blurry. Having never had a problem with my vision before this totally freaked me out and I was really worried I had done permanent damage to my eyes/ brain from taking so many medications. Luckily it returned and to say I was relieved is the understatement of the century!

We stayed with N's grandma in her house that is on a bay off of Flathead Lake. Flathead is is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River and is one of the cleanest in the world for it's size/ population (thanks Wikipedia!) Most people who go to Montana are in awe of their mountains, but being a Coloradoan I found myself in awe of the lake! It was stunningly beautiful and I loved being so close to the water. I've visited a few oceans in my life, but I've never been around such a large body of water when the weather was also warm out. This was truly my first 'big body of water' experience.

We spent the majority of our time just hanging around the bay. N's grandma had a peddle boat, a paddle board, and we all brought pool floats. We also rented a boat one day, and a waverunner on two seperate occasions. N's grandma has both but unfortunately they were both broken this year. Water toys are expensive to keep and maintain!

Without further ado here are the pictures with some additional commentary about what else we did! I'll be splitting this into a few different posts so I don't crash any computers with pictures!