Home Tour/ Before & Afters


Before: Our House

The Beginnings (Initial Renovation)

The Beginnings [Ceiling & Carpet Removal]

The Beginnings [Priming, Priming & More Priming]

The Beginnings [Painting]

The Beginnings [Flooring]

The Beginnings [The Kitchen]

The Beginnings [The Bathroom]

The Beginnings [The Nursery]


Outside [Painting and Windows]

Outside [Front Yard]

Outside [The Back Yard]


The Fireplace

R's "Big Girl" Room Pt. 1

R's "Big Girl" Room Pt. 2

R's "Big Girl" Room Pt. 3

Afters (ish)

The Bedroom

What we're working on...

- Nursery transition
- Kitchen cabinets/ counters
- Bathroom (new walls/ shower surround/ plumbing)
- Annual flower/ vegetable gardens
- New deck
- Bedroom makeover
- Laundry room makeover
- Painting doors
- Finish painting bottom room/ upstairs hallway

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