Our Vacation Part 2

N's grandma's dock bowed during the winter one year and they haven't fixed it yet. I think it has character!

Here's the view of the other side of the bay. I don't know why I didn't get any pictures of this view from the dock!

 This is how we spent our days! Lounging and just enjoying the water!

R just loved "taking care of" her turtle, haha.

We did get her to try and swim once! Even though she could float in the life jacket she was very cautious in the water. I have zero problem with her caution!

I captured so many real smiles from her on this trip. They warm my heart!

N took us out on the canoe a few times to fish. We didn't ever catch anything because the fish were too small, but it was fun to just be out on the lake as a family.

The end of the bay.

All those little specks are fish. Too little to catch with a fishing pole but fun to look at!

She was so content in the water! She fell asleep sitting up in the peddle boat once!

Ah yes, our ill fated journey to Glacier National Park. It may not have lasted long but at least we got this great picture!

This was the point where we decided to turn around. We had been planning on hiking, but the weather was just too wet and cold. I was starting to get too carsick from all the driving, and I knew that faced with a drive back there was no way we could keep going. We did stop at Avalanche creek on the way out for a photo op! The Avalanche are promoting an "Avs All Over" campaign this summer where you take pictures of the Avs logo somewhere you're traveling. I think we found the perfect spot to take a picture with our logo!

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