R's First Day of Preschool

I just picked R up and that means we have officially completed our first week of preschool! I'll be honest, it feels a little surreal that she's old enough to be in preschool at all. It doesn't make me sad or nostalgic, but it does feel strange. Most of all, I LOVE IT, 2.5 hours of free time twice a week?! Heaven! But ask me how I feel when she picks up her first communicable disease. Let's just not think about that. ;)

For her first day I decided to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon (duh) and make her a little chalkboard sign. I found this great silver frame at Michael's when I was picking up a Silhouette Cameo (post for another time!) and when I saw it was buy one get one free I really couldn't say no. So we have one in pink too! Her adorable outfit is completely from Target- shoes, dress, and headband. Target has the cutest toddler clothes EVER.

She wouldn't be my child without a little attitude!

But I got some smiles!


Her preschool is at the same elementary school N went to when he was little!

When it was time for class to start I took her in, signed her in, and she sat down to play right away! She completely stopped paying attention to me and I wasn't sure whether I should try and say goodbye or just book it. I didn't want her to freak out at me just disappearing so I told her bye and didn't look back! Her teachers said she did perfect and she acted perfectly when I went to pick her up!

Today was a little different. She was a bit more nervous to enter the classroom and there was another little girl having a massive meltdown. The other girl's mother (grandmother?) left at the same time I did and the little girl's freak out triggered a freak out in Reagan. I could hear her screaming when I was outside the building but I knew that going back in would just make things worse and that she was in capable hands. When I went to pick her up her teacher said that she didn't stay upset for long and was fine as soon as the other little girl calmed down.

I had anticipated a massive meltdown from her the first day and I knew she was going to struggle a little sooner or later. This girl still has problems at dance class and she's been going to that for almost a year now! But it was a wonderful two days and I'm looking forward to many free afternoons filled with baby-free errands!


  1. Great pics!! I love the chalkboard, awesome job!

    1. Thank you! I spent way too long agonizing over the fonts I would use and then getting it to print out dark enough, haha. I think I went through an entire black ink cartridge! But I'm really happy with how it turned out!