Our Vacation Part 1

Today marks exactly one week since I got home from Montana, and although I'm happy to be back in my own bed (and only sharing my bathroom with two other people!) I miss the lake dearly! Even the 16 hour car ride (one way!) doesn't sound so bad right now. ;)

The trip up there wasn't so bad, and I ended up only having one bad panic attack. I kept myself completely drugged out on Zofran/ Reglan/ Compazine/ Xanax/ Dramamine/ Benadryl and instead of sitting in a seat I laid down a back and middle row seat and made a bed for myself in the back of the car. It is NOT something I recommend and is NOT something I would do again. I ended up flying home!

I also wore a motion sickness patch prescribed by my doctor, and it ended up causing me to lose my close up vision for a day after I took it off. Anything that was within 2 feet of my face was completely blurry. Having never had a problem with my vision before this totally freaked me out and I was really worried I had done permanent damage to my eyes/ brain from taking so many medications. Luckily it returned and to say I was relieved is the understatement of the century!

We stayed with N's grandma in her house that is on a bay off of Flathead Lake. Flathead is is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River and is one of the cleanest in the world for it's size/ population (thanks Wikipedia!) Most people who go to Montana are in awe of their mountains, but being a Coloradoan I found myself in awe of the lake! It was stunningly beautiful and I loved being so close to the water. I've visited a few oceans in my life, but I've never been around such a large body of water when the weather was also warm out. This was truly my first 'big body of water' experience.

We spent the majority of our time just hanging around the bay. N's grandma had a peddle boat, a paddle board, and we all brought pool floats. We also rented a boat one day, and a waverunner on two seperate occasions. N's grandma has both but unfortunately they were both broken this year. Water toys are expensive to keep and maintain!

Without further ado here are the pictures with some additional commentary about what else we did! I'll be splitting this into a few different posts so I don't crash any computers with pictures!

Here is the front of N's grandma's house. This picture was actually taken on my last day there, right as I was about to leave, but it's the only one I have of the front of her house.

This is going around the side of the house...

Her backyard!

This is the view from her dock. Not too shabby!

I wish I had a better/ closer picture but there were these gorgeous, and gigantic, birds called Osprey's that flew around the lake and would dive to catch fish. They were so majestic! I loved watching them and all of the swallows that were flying around.

On this day we rented a pontoon boat to drive to a place called Wild Horse Island, which is an island on the lake which is home to- you guessed it- wild horses! Unfortunately we didn't venture onto the island very much which is a shame because I hear it's got amazing hiking trails, but we did have some fun in a little cove!

I wish this picture was closer up but the look on R's face is so sweet! R and her cousins share the sweetest bond. The boys (the little girl pictured, who is also totally sweet and amazing to her, is the daughter of my SIL's boyfriend) are so good to R, even though she's totally crazy!

R was a champ on the boat! She sat at the very front with her cousins while I sat in the back. She sat with me on the way home and slept the entire way. It was a good thing because the water had gotten really choppy and everyone who was up front got soaked many times over!

The cove at Wild Horse Island.

The beach was made out of the smoothest river rocks. I kept so many because I couldn't believe how perfectly smooth they were!

N pulled people around on the "dorito" floaty behind the boat. It looked like a blast but I didn't try it out of fear/ the fact that I can't jiggle my stimulator too much.

R stayed on shore with me and refused to ride on her turtle, opting to "take care of it." She just walked it gently up and down the beach, it was too funny.

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