So we kind of like hockey...

The analysts agreed she was pretty cute. ;)
Fanatics.com is an online sports superstore where you can find just about any official licensed apparel that you are looking for! Everything is authentic and they are constantly updating their selection. The prices are excellent and they offer an awesome 365 day return policy! It's the perfect place for my family because if you haven't gathered from my blog already, we are sports fanatics. Ok, hockey fanatics to be more specific. Ok, ok, Colorado Avalanche fanatics to be entirely truthful. Though we also root for the Denver Cutthroats.

Baby's first Avs gear!
R got her first Avalanche gear while she was still in the womb. In fact, she attended many games in utero. I joked that her first words were going to be something profane about hockey because she heard so much of it while I was pregnant with her (most of hockey season- August through May.)

At her first training camp!
First period of a game...
...Third period of a game.
When she was born we wasted no time in initiating her as a full blown Avs fan. She attended her first training camp, and many games all before she was 1 years old. Those were actually the easiest times to take her. She'd watch the first two periods and then be out by the third. She wouldn't even wake up for the sound of the goal horn and accompanying cheers. Especially since the loudest cheers may have come from the seat next to her (me.)

R’s first birthday party was Avs themed. We had the adorable Avalanche mascot Bernie come out to drop off gifts and have a special photo-shoot. R had loved meeting Bernie at games but I was anxious to she how she'd do with him for an extended period of time. When I was little I was deathly afraid of mascots! Luckily she was over the moon and we captured what are still today some of my favorite pictures of her.

Last season R got to go to a very special game with me. A friend offered us front row seats for free and of course I couldn't refuse. We hadn't taken R to any games in awhile because she has so much energy that it's hard for her to sit still for an entire game. But when N, my mom, and none of my friends could go with me I decided we'd have a mommy-daughter date. I was really nervous because I'd never even gone by myself (without another adult) to a game before, let alone taken crazy R by myself. But I was determined not to let my anxiety get the best of me.

Before the game my friend said she looked at the tickets and they weren't actually first row but a few rows back, and that she was sorry. I of course didn't mind at all, a free ticket is a free ticket and Avs tickets don't come cheap!

When R and I were making our way to our seats I noticed the third row didn't seem to be three rows up from the bottom. It turns out it was in the front row- BEHIND THE AVS BENCH. I had a mini heart attack from excitement and had to text everyone I knew. Not only were we on the glass and behind the bench, we were also on the end closest to the players tunnel so we could get hand slaps between periods. It was stressful trying to corral R during the game and keep her quiet, but it was also one of of the best times I've ever had at a game. And we did it together!

A bunch of my friends saw us on TV and we made sure to record the replay of the game later. We had a good time pausing the TV when it panned over us and I got some great pictures. R may not remember the game when she's older but she'll always have the picture of her mere inches from Patrick Roy! I can't wait to make many, many more Avalanche memories with her when she's older.

One of the best places on the web to get sports, NHL, and Avalanche gear is fanatics.com N was actually pricing jerseys on Fanatics a few weeks ago! With the recent drama regarding Avalanche forward Ryan O'Reilly (the namesake of my current and only jersey) I think it's high time I start looking for a new jersey. N and I have been arguing for awhile who was going to get the next jersey, but it's definitely going to be me. ;) We still have awhile before we've saved up enough for a new jersey, but when it's time to pull the trigger we'll for sure be using Fanatics!

Fun fact: A random drunk guy also took a picture of R.
*I was contacted by Fanatics to write a post for them but was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own! You know I never sugar coat! ;)

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