Countdown to Halloween Week 3: Costume Ideas/ Zombie Crawl Pictures

The Chronicles of We

Well I had hoped that this week I'd be able to show you some of my progress on R's Halloween costume, but there really hasn't been much progress to document. So instead I'll show you some of the inspiration for what I'm going for, and we'll see how it all turns out in the end, haha!

For R's first Halloween she was a marshmallow Peep. It was one of the cutest costumes I had ever seen! This was before I had my DSLR camera so these pics were taken with a disposable. I wish I had better ones!

Luckily the costume was a little big so I was able to use them for the best Easter photo ever the following spring:

The next Halloween I had hopes of being crafty but turned to Etsy instead. I don't know where I saw the idea for this costume in order to search for it, but it was love at first sight (of the listing, haha.) She was cookies and milk!

Last year I didn't get any pictures for some reason, but during a decoration shopping stop at a Halloween store R found a Buzz Lightyear costume and HAD to have it. I could think of worse things she could be so I got it for her- along with a very cute Buzz Lightyear headband to add just a touch of girly flair. Of course we still got a lot of "your son is so cute!" but that doesn't bother me.

This year I asked R what she wanted to be and her response was "A GHOST LIKE oOoOoOohhh!" I don't know where she got that from but hey, I'll take it. So I immediately went to Pinterest (duh) and was inspired by the following:

I bought 20 yards of white tulle from fabric.com and have started to assemble a "tutu" dress similar to the first picture. However I'm not going to do the ghost face on the actual dress, I'm going to do R's makeup similar to the child in the bottom picture. It'll be cold here so she'll have on a white long sleeve shirt and pants and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do the top of the costume. I really like the cape idea, but I also love the bow idea. I am not good with fabric unless it means cutting tulle into tutus so we'll see how my vision plays out in reality.


Also, here are a couple pictures I snapped of R, my brother, and I at the Zombie Crawl this weekend. I couldn't find my camera so these are all phone shots, and I didn't get as many as I wanted because R was being shy but we still had a blast. Even if it made my cold 10x worse! (I've cut them since they're a bit *fake* gory!)

Can you tell we're related? I think R looks a lot like him!

She wasn't as in to the fake blood this year because it was sticky (or the makeup because I wouldn't let her put in on herself) but she rocked those tattoos!

Between all the makeup and fake blood and being downtown on the 16th Street Mall, the post crawl shower is always amazing!

She gave the exact look she had in the first two pictures to one of my brothers friends and I cracked up. I wish I had caught it on camera to add to my collection but ah how my little zombie is growing!


  1. The peep costume! Oh my awesome!!! I love it with the easter bunny too - like you said best easter photo ever! That ghost costume is going to be awesome - can't wait to see it! I am not crafty so I totally bought Callie's costume her first year and this year. Last year a friend made her one of those tule costumes to be a witch -- she hated it so no more DIY here for a long time! The zombie photos are seriously so cute for being "gory" she's totally into it!

  2. The peep - so cute!! I love the ghost inspiration pics. I don't think I do very good pinterest searches for costumes. I'm always drawing a blank.
    Those are the cutest zombie pics, creepy yet adorable! Hard to pull off, so nailed it!

  3. R's face is priceless- she totally has "zombie" down!!

    I can't wait to see her ghost costume- the inspiration photos are awesome!!!