We painted R's big girl room! FINALLY!


So we said we were going to do this in May and then obviously shit happened. A lot of it to be honest. And I hate painting (mostly prepping) so I was avoiding it at all costs. However as the days begin to get shorter and darker I knew that we had to paint soon because the dark green of her walls was just depressing me.

A few weeks ago we were at Home Depot getting paint to finish some other areas of our house and I said, "Screw my grand plans, what color do you want to paint your room R?" And she chose purple- i.e. one of my least favorite colors ever. So I chose it in the lightest shade possible and I'll be honest, it's actually quite beautiful. None of these photos do it the justice it deserves in natural light (in artificial light at night it looks pink!) but trust me when I say it does actually look purple, and it is very nice looking.

Here is a panorama shot of her room looking in from the door.

This is the right corner of her room where we keep her "naughty chair" (time out chair) and the display case where I keep all her most special- and breakable- things.

Also on that wall is the little rainbow chevron chair I saw at HomeGoods and couldn't not buy, and R's trash can. Uggh. On that blank area I'm going to come up with some sort of system to hold/ display all her headbands and bows since she's wearing them again, but right now I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do.

 Right now her case is decorated with Halloween decorations that she's picked out herself. The candle was actually recieved in the fall blogger swap I participated in and I can't wait to share the rest with you on the 15th!

On the bedside table we keep her favorite books (although she has a giant wall of them in the office/ playroom that she'll also chose to read before bed), a coaster for the water she demands every night, and her light and nightlight.

Her current favorite animals. (Can you tell we're fans of the internet?)

This shot was taken from the right corner of the room right next to the display case- in front of the window. This is her closet. The curtains in here and in the office/ playroom were supposed to be temporary until we could afford sliding doors but I've decided I like these much better. I can access both sides of the closet at once and I'm not accidentally sliding doors off the track like I do with every sliding door I've ever used. I need to get higher quality curtains though- these are the cheapest ones from IKEA and they're see-through and ripped.

The obnoxious fish tank N bought her.

The bird cage with our wedding cake topper that I couldn't take down. :)

And some of the other projects that I'm waiting to finish for her room! Since I'm not going to do the chevron wall I decided that her big wall needed something to jazz it up. I bought these giant letters at Joannes and am going to use spray glitter on them. I remember using it last year and it worked well but was expensive and the cans might do just half a letter. I decided to do her initials only because the letters were so huge. And the box on the right is the material for her rainbow canopy that I swear to go I am going to finish this week! N has promised to help. ;)

That's all the progress for now! I'll try to remember to take pictures of the initial and canopy crafts once I get those going. I'm also going to be making R's Halloween costume so expect a post on that as well!


  1. Everything is looking great so far! Do you have a picture of your wedding cake? I would love to see how the cake topper looked on it :-) (I'm so nosy lol)


    1. Thank you! And I do! Here is the cake: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b75/xskatebakerrx/68339_777823663173_5053886_n_zps73d162ed.jpg and here is just the topper: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b75/xskatebakerrx/66963_777823668163_6505399_n_zpsfdd611b6.jpg

      I ordered them off Etsy and they were hand painted to match our colors and the flowers in my bouquet!

  2. I love that shade of purple! it's clealry purple but I can see the hues of pink too! So sweet! I love all the personal touches in her room. excited to see what you do on that big wall too!!