Fall Swag Swap!

Another year another awesome fall swag swap headed by Candra, Desiree, Shelli, and Erin!

This year I was partnered with Jenny from The Chronicles of We and our being matched up was destiny- she used to live only a few miles from me (actually in the area I grew up in) in suburban Colorado. Talk about a weird coincidence. I had an awesome time getting to know her and was amazed with some of the things we had in common! I can't wait to keep following her journey (she's building a lake house- hello, could that be any cooler?) and she did an AWESOME job picking my swag!

 The haul!

Jenny and I talked about our love for the Autumn Mix in our emails! My mom used to set out a bowl of it every year while I was growing up, and Jenny does the same. I actually was going to send her a bag of this as well but it wouldn't fit in the box! The candy corn M&Ms are delicious too. They're made with white chocolate and I love white chocolate!

I have a major candle obsession, especially when it comes to seasonal scents. This is a sweet and fun smell that I love, and right now it's on display in R's room! I'll be real here, R's room is not the best smelling room in the house (somebody still wears pullups at night if you catch my drift) so this is a VERY welcome addition to her room!

Spooky beauty products? I could not be anymore in love! The skull lip gloss is one of my favorite things I've ever gotten (detailed pictures below), and these nail polishes are so cute. I actually just had an orange and black manicure but it's all chipped off now so I am going to be breaking out these adorable polishes next. I will have them all on display year round!

Some people are not fans of the pumpkin spice craze/ pumpkin smell and I am NOT one of those people. Hand soap is something we always seem to go through more quickly than I remember to buy refills of so this will be put to good use!

How great is this spooky skull candle? If you've seen my Halloween decoration posts you'll know that this is right up my alley- and has already made a home for itself right along with my other favorite decorations. When you burn this candle there is red wax underneath and I am debating on whether I want to leave it like it is or burn it just a little for a spooky effect. I just love this!

Here is the closeup of the skull lip gloss (and my sad old manicure, haha.) 1. It is a skull. 2. It has jewel eyes. 3. It holds pink (glittery!) lip gloss. 4. Said lip gloss smells/ tastes/ looks amazing. I think I need about a million more of these!

Jenny hit it out of the park with this swap- thank you so much for everything!


  1. Skull lip gloss? How cool! I got the M&Ms in my swap package too. Never even knew they existed!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it all! I wasn't sure about the lip gloss so glad that was a hit! So glad we got paired up!