It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The Chronicles of We

Well I've had my indoor decorations set up since the middle of September (no shame!) but as soon as October 1st hit I decided it was time to do the outdoors as well. I don't have as many outdoor decorations because they just don't last in our October weather, but I'm really happy with what I do have. However I have some pretty grand plans for the future...


In the years that we haven't had any flowers in our garden at this time I've transformed it into a mini graveyard. However our flowers are still going strong this year and I have no desire to till the garden until next spring so for now I'm accessorizing with my awesome skeleton flamingos. I bought these last year and used them as well, and I asked N if we could keep them up all year round (and I tried!) but he gave that the big "no way."


In the window I taped up a skeleton that I got at the Dollar Store last year and added the Beware of Dog sign that I bought after our garage was broken into. I don't think anybody truly needs to "beware" of Hank, who is scared of mice, but hopefully it will make a thief pause to think. On the other side of the window that isn't show in this pic is an arched black cat that I found at Goodwill last year.


My favorite decoration of all is our giant spider web and my beloved Shelob. Ok so she's a small excuse for the actual Shelob but for now I'm making due. I bought her at Target a few years back and I believe they still sell similar ones. I don't remember where I got the web but for being made out of plastic it's held up nicely for a few years now. I use a staple gun to attach it to the sides of the house and then tie it to the storm door as well. Because the storm door opens out it doesn't disturb the web when it's opened/ closed. I've also had that skeleton for awhile now and one day I'd like to get a full size one but this year this guy is just going to hang out on the hook at the top of our porch. I need to get a longer rope for him so it looks like he's more trapped in the web.


Although the flowers in my garden are going crazy my potted petunias weren't looking so hot. I decided it was time to clear them out and my empty pots seemed to grow some interesting new plants... ;) I got these fake severed parts at the Dollar Store a few years ago and we've used them as props at the Zombie Crawl. Reagan was 1 1/2 and teething at her first crawl so she walked around chewing on one of the hands. It was perfect.

(Yes she is wearing underwear in this picture.)

New this year is my Zombie Crossing sign! You can't tell from the pictures but it's sparkly which brings it up to 11. I got it at Michael's this year and let me say, their Halloween collection this year has been ON POINT whereas I'm a little disappointed with Target. I am avoiding Micahel's at all costs right now because we're on a budget and I told myself no more Halloween decorations but hopefully I can convince my mom to go there with me... ;) (You can also sort of see in this picture that there are purple lights wrapped around our bannister.)

In the future (where hopefully we have more time and money!) I want to do a full on Nightmare Before Christmas yard. I have some great pins on Pinterest right now just waiting for the day when my bank account- and N- gives me the go ahead.

A girl can dream right?! ONE DAY I PROMISE!!!


  1. hahaha oh my gosh you have wicked decorations outside! I had my inside stuff up starting Sept 2nd, and I waited on the outside until October hit. I didn't want the neighbors to think I was totally nuts =) I adore the severed limbs, could that be any gross and funny!!! I was wondering if you could open your door with the web attached to it haha. Good you can get in and out, always helpful!
    A nightmare before christmas yard would be sooo cool! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I love the zero dog house!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us today!!

    1. Thank you! I always want to put up my inside decorations as soon as September starts but my husband is a total Halloween grinch and so we compromised on my birthday (the 14th.) I actually wouldn't mind leaving them up all year. ;) Every year I tell him I'm going to leave them up for Christmas and just put little santa hats and sprinkle fake snow on everything. One of these years he has to crack!

  2. Oh my gosh, you went all out for Halloween! Can't wait to see how the INSIDE of your house is decorated! Haha :)

    I have to admit, Halloween is my least favorite holiday mostly because of the bloody body limbs and skeletons. BUT! I totally respect those of you who love the holiday for what it is, and embrace it fully - as you've done. Don't mind me though, I'll be over here making "happy" ghosts and pumpkins with my kids and closing my eyes until the gory stuff is put away on November 1st. :)

    1. The inside of my house is much more spooky and less gory, haha. I'm actually not one for gory stuff (especially in movies, I HATE scary and gross movies!) but I have fun with it a little fun with it around Halloween. You might not want to look at my Zombie Crawl pictures. ;)

  3. LOVE the skeleton flamingos.. I still have to find some of my own.. your garage got broken into?? Did they get anything? R is looking cute as always :-). I'm guessing that she's into Halloween too??


    1. N accidentally left our garage door open (so not technically "broken" into, but still felony trespassing/ theft) and someone came in and smashed one of the windows out of his Camaro. Hank barked and scared them away but they took all of N's hockey sticks- which was about $500 worth of equipment. Major bummer! And yes, R loves Halloween too! She's so excited!

  4. I LOVE that giant spider and spider web on your front porch! We don't have a lot of out door decor up this year (next year in our own house!) but I love what you have up! And that picture of your daughter in front on the zombie sign - hilarious! Thanks for joining our little link up!