F#!% It Friday

- Sooooo remember how I was like "oh the Trans Am runs great and doesn't need any mechanical work!" Yeah guess what died this week? We were driving home from R's dance class when it just completely shut off. Luckily I was going down hill and was able to pull onto a side street and start it back up. We drove to Starbucks for our weekly post-dance drink, and then driving home it died again and I couldn't get it to start back up. Luckily we were in our neighborhood, and I was able to push the car (with my foot while steering!) off the road next to a field. Although we were less than a mile from our house it wasn't a fun walk home because I was really upset. When N got home he was able to start it up again and drive it home, but it wouldn't die for him so he couldn't tell what was wrong.

Well he was going to drive it to work today to look at it and it didn't even make it down the driveway before dying. He woke me up and had me start and drive the car while he poured gas directly into the engine. I have no idea how cars work so I have no idea why doing that worked, but we got her back into the garage and N says he thinks something is "stuck in the carburetor." I don't know what that means, and he didn't have time to explain, but he re-assured me it was an easy fix and nothing was blown up. I had to drive the Commander around yesterday and as I joked on Facebook, my wiener felt a lot smaller.

- Speaking of the Commander N thinks that it may be the engine computer that's going bad, not the tranny. He drove it to work twice this week and had it hooked up to his scanner. While he was driving it the "Transmission Over Temp" warning came on, and the scanner said the temp was at 280 degrees- which is too hot. N pulled over and re-started the car and the warning went away and the scanner listed the temp at 160 degrees- which is just fine. Because it couldn't drop over 100 degrees in a few seconds, N thinks the computer is going haywire and sending out a false temp, which is putting the car in a limp mode, i.e. making it drive like crap.

As much of a pain all mechanical cars can be, I definitely prefer them to their computer run counterparts. New cars may drive really nicely for awhile but when those computers go bad everything goes bad and it's a lot more money to replace a computer than it is many other parts. There's going to be a lot of modern cars in junkyards in 20+ years, and car companies are only going to make them with more technology therefore they'll become obsolete quicker, and the cycle will continue.

- In other news R found Woody Woodpecker cartoons on Netflix and I need to find a way to block them. ;)

- Is anyone else as excited as I am for the Duggar Daughter #1 wedding tomorrow? I will be stalking social media like crazy. I recently fell down the rabbit hole known as the Free Jinger forum, and learning about those people's true nature has been both fascinating and scary. I'm rooting for you to break free Jill!

- After forgetting for three days in a row I finally remember to put the pork chops in the crock pot! Woohoo that is a big win over here!


  1. I didn't realize the Jill Duggar wedding was tomorrow. Or maybe I had heard the date and I forgot. I love the Duggars. Pretty sure Joy Anna will be the one to break free of the family, if any of them do. In my head, she's the rebellious one. I admire the family though. While I'm not nearly as strict as they are, I love that they have strong moral convictions... and that they aren't afraid to put that all out there. I'd rather have them out there as role models than some of these celebrities out there with seemingly zero moral compass.

    1. I feel the same way about Joy Anna, haha! I used to really love them, they seems so sweet on TV! But the more I looked into their beliefs, i.e. Gothardism/ IBLP/ ATI the more turned off I got. I'm a pretty hardcore feminist so I definitely believe women are equal to men in every single aspect! I have only the best wishes for Jill though. She and her new husband seem so in love, it's so touching!

  2. Hahaha, I always plan crock pot meals and then forget to start them too. Oops!

    Cars- new ones in particular.. they SERIOSULY SUCK! The saddest weirdest part to me is the fact that classic cars aren't don't exist for the most part from the 1970/1980s on. Everything after that was made with a ton of plastic that is going to crack and corrode into nothing. So sad.. I LOVE the classics and muscle cars from the 50s and 60s. Don't get me started on the computer aspect... let's just say that I bought a NEW high end car last year and the entire freaking computer system failed within 4 months. I had to drive the sucked in limp mode 30 miles AT NIGHT to the dealership. Good thing I had just got gas because I got freaking TWO miles to the gallon.. I called the dealership to see if I should tow it and they said drive it in.. fuunnn night. Actually thinking back- it was valentines and T and I missed our dinner reservations!
    The duggars- Fill me in on this!! I'm so behind. Is she the midwife chicky? She's my fav!


    1. Ok I am glad I'm not the only one who forgets crock pot stuff, haha! It's like, this should be so easy and then I always make it way harder on myself.

      Omg that is one hell of a car story! Isn't it crazy how much computers control in cars these days? It's actually kind of scary, you push the break pedal and it sends a computer signal that slows the car down instead of oh I don't know, a regular brake cable. Thinking of all that stuff short circuiting scares me! Not to mention the money! Hopefully your car was under warrenty!

      And yes Jill is the midwife one! You should catch up on the season they just aired. I hadn't watched that show in forever but this season they had two of the older girls "courting" and it was just so awkward and hilarious. The more I learn about that family the less I like them (like, they believe women should always be subservient to their husbands etc.) but I really do wish the best for all those sweet kids. Jill and her new husband are so in love, it's so sweet. Yeah they haven't even known each other for a whole year yet, but you know how things are when you can't hold hands until you are engaged and have to wait for your wedding for your first kiss, hahaha!

  3. Omg.. I had a huge reply typed out and I accidentally just deleted it.

    You are definitely not the only one with crockpot issues! lol

    Isn't it?? and it is completely freaky how much computers control on cars. Lucky for me the car was under warranty, and the dealership treated me really well while they resolved the issue. I got to drive a new caddy with like 6 miles on it... definitely not complaining about that part ;-)

    Wait for your wedding ceremony for your first kiss??! How awkward!! I mentioned how much TV I have been watching recently.. sounds like I have a new show on the docket. Though I think I am going to be like you and dislike them a lot... ha

  4. Tranny is a word that always means something different to me than to car people.