Subscriptions: Citrus Lane May 2014 Review

How could I pick just one of those sweet smiles? ;)

*Just a note, I did get this on time in the middle of May I just completely forgot to upload the pictures!

Hape Toys Watering Can: We had just planted our front flower garden when this came in the mail so R was really excited to be able to use this to "water" the flowers. It's small (duh) so it doesn't hold enough water to really water anything (duh) but it's fun to have around. I think this would make a good bath/ pool toy for people who are into that sort of thing.

Goodbyn Hero: We've gotten these compartment lunch box things from Citrus Lane before and I didn't love them then and I don't really love them now. R isn't packing a lunch for anywhere yet, and when we do go a place that needs a packed lunch I'm just lazy and buy something (hello Starbucks Protein Bistro Box!) I should probably at least try to use this though.

Melissa and Doug Magnifying Glass: R was really excited about this for a few hours and kept carrying it around looking at things- but from far away so it was more a funhouse lens than a magnifying glass. N was excited to see this because he wants to show R how to burn ants. I think that sounds just greaaat.

Jasmine Stevens Foot Wipes: I believe I've gotten these in a Birchbox before and I used them, just not for my feet. I think I'm going to save them for when we go to the dusty Renaissance Festival this year because I always wear flip flops and things get really gross.

Back To Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers: I ate most of these and they tasted like what they look like- not quite as good Cheese-Its. I'd rather buy Cheese-Its. ;)


  1. hahaha those poor ants..

    Other than that I just have to say- I really want a box that is practically as big as me. Lucky R!!!


    1. I'd like some bigger boxes too, haha! I remember the good old days of box forts. I'm way too big for that now!