Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
From now on out I'm going to do both a troubles and a not-troubles section for this feature. I need to add some more positivity to my life, and since this is the only feature I seem to get to these days (since Tuesdays are one of our least crazy days) I need talk about the good things in my life.
We'll start out with the troubles:
- On Sunday I drove my Commander to my parents house, and when I was almost there my dash display said "Transmission Over Temp." No lights came on, the car didn't ding at me, and it didn't feel like something was wrong so I kept driving and the warning went off as soon as I pulled into the driveway. It did the same thing when I drove it home- it came on when I was almost home, and switched off before I turned the car off (but not before I snapped a picture to send to N.)
He drove it to work today so he can hook it up to his scanner and see what codes it's throwing. Best case scenario is a temperature sensor has gone bad, worse case is the tranny on this car is dying and because they are very insulated units there's nothing you can really do except rebuild/ replace the entire thing. The tranny went out in my old Commander (the red one), and I joked that I'd be super upset if the same thing happened in my new one. AWESOME.

-  We brought the Trans Am to a paint place for an appraisal yesterday and they said we were looking at about $5k! We were hoping for around the $3k range but painting is really expensive so I can't say I'm that surprised. We have a LOT of saving to do!

- I almost slept through a doctor's appointment yesterday. It was just a blood draw so it wasn't that big of a deal that I was 30 minutes late, but I still felt so horrible. I totally spaced a blood draw there a few months ago and I feel like such a crazy person! They must think I'm out of control. I have an actual appointment there on Thursday to go over my blood results and so help me god I will not be late!

- Ok this is only kind of a trouble, it's more just funny: I remember when our good friends came over last year with their half Newfoundland/ half Labrador dog and I thought "oh my gosh I hope Hank doesn't ever get that big because that dog is huge!" Well we saw their dog for the first time in a year last night (our friends have been in New Mexico in the Air Force) and yup, Hank is the same size if not bigger than their dog. N says hands down Hank is bigger but I want to see the two side by side. There's no denying it though: Hank is gigantic!

- I dyed my hair red last week (think, Ariel unnatural red) and while I love the color right now (we'll see how I feel when it fades) I have gotten red dye everywhere! I wasn't paying attention to my wet hair and dye got all over my cream colored office chair. I'm so bummed out!
- The Avalanche not signing Paul Stastny. I can't even talk about it.
And the non-troubles:
- I love my new car so much! Except for the fact that it has really low gearing which means I can't drive it over 60mph or it will damage the engine, it drives really well and I love how quickly it takes off. ;) I may or may not have smelled burning rubber the other day. I guess you can get a ticket for spinning your tires (reckless driving) and N says if I get any tickets I'm in big trouble, haha! Right now N has to put an "overdrive tranny" in it so I can drive it over 60, but other than that it doesn't really need any mechanical work- which is so nice considering all the trouble our other cars are giving us.
N spent his Father's Day installing new carpet in it (because he's such a wonderful husband and also because he's super pumped about that car too), and while he did that I scrubbed every surface until it gleamed. The interior looks 1000x better now, it just needs some minor work like a headliner, new lid for the center console, and eventually the seats re-covered. The only downside to the car is that I've been wanting to spend my time outside washing it or driving it when I really should be inside cleaning my disaster of a house, haha!
- Last night we went out to dinner with our friends and it was SO much fun. N and I don't have many couple friends, and we're really anti-social to boot. They have two daughters that are a few years older than R, and they were so good playing with her that it just warmed my heart. They also have the cutest baby boy and I just want to steal him, haha! I may not want any more babies of my own but I'll love on other peoples babies- as long as I can give them back!
- I woke up feeling down today but when I saw how beautiful it was I took R out for sandwiches and cupcakes. She's been better these past few days about being nice to strangers (i.e. not screaming bloody murder at people who tell her she's cute) and it's been much more pleasant!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day Weekend!


  1. Fingers crossed that you don't need a new transmission! Cars are awesome when they work properly, but when they don't they stress me out.

    1. My fingers and toes are crossed too! You'll never guess what else broke down today? My new car! I can't catch a break!

  2. 5k?!?! I know paint is expensive, but holy sh+t!!! Is it because the hood design or something?

    I feel you on the over sleeping.. all I have the "energy" for these days is sleeping and watching netflix.. I need to get my shit together. and FAST. I hate feeling like this :(.

    Too funny about your pups. What does he weigh these days?

    Sweet picture of R and N :) I'm so glad to hear that you guys had a nice dinner out with friends!


    1. Unfortunately paint is just that expensive! And what makes it worse is that the designs on the car are actually decals, so we'd have to pay for another decal kit (like $400) and then put them on over the new paint ourselves! The poor Trans Am is going to be rocking the weathered look for a little while, haha.

      I feel you on energy! My doctor prescribed me the diet drug Phentermine to see if it'd give me a boost and today was day 2 and I still feel pretty meh. I even had to take a nap, haha. I think I'm just a lost cause.

      And good 'ol Hank has been weighing in around 110lbs! I think he's slowing down his growing but I don't think he's done. He is a monster!

  3. That is craziness... weathered is good.. lol

    Damn, I was hoping that you would have some trick or something. Sorry that you're dealing with it too- why does it gotta be so hard to drag my ass outta bed?? lol

    That is one big puppy :)