Subscriptions: Bonjour Jolie June 2014 Review



The gift this month was a gorgeous handmade silk and georgette sarong. I love the grey tones in this and it will look great wrapped around my swimsuit. Lord knows I need the coverage! R stole this immediately and wrapped it around her neck- she looked so cute! But when I tried to take a picture she said, "No mama, taking picture is dangerous!" So I guess not!

The Pampering

LA Fresh female hygiene wipes and Advil

Vaseline Hand Lotion: My mom has been using Vaseline petroleum jelly forever and now I love Vaseline products just as much. I give them to N to use on his hands after he's spilled some sort of horrendus chemical on them at work (mechanic problems) and they always help to re-hydrate them. I'd give this to N to take to work, but I'm not sure he'd be caught dead with lotion in his toolbox.

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Eyeshadow and Brush: I've gotten this brand before and I love it! It's a vegan mineral eyeshadow that is cruelty free, and the color is really pigmented. I tried this on my hand and it was gorgeous but of course chasing after R in the scarf I forgot to get a picture. I appreciate that they send it with a little brush!

Bonny Bubbles Body Powder: I've used body powder before but for those who don't know what it's for, the info card says "the microfine powders absorb sweat and smooth your skin, while the essential oils and powdered herbs make you smell delightfully fresh." You can even use this on your bed sheets or other places in your house to absorb oil and make things smell good. I think I'll sprinkle some of this on R's bed because that girl always smells like stinky little kid!

Starfire Creations Honeysuckle Soap: I haven't used it yet but this soap smells amazing! It made the entire box smell good. The ingredients are all natural and I always appreciate that in hand soap.

The Edibles

 Bigelow Tea Company Tea: I'll never be displeased with tea and peach tea is one of my favorites!

Cougar Mountain Gourmet Cookie in Original Chocolate Chunk: This cookie was delicious. Like tea, I will never complain about cookies!

Leccare Lollipop in Peach Cobbler: This was so, so good. Peach is one of my favorite flavors and the cobbler twist on this was really unique. There was a hint of cinnamon, and a little bit of crunch like a real cobbler would have. Now I want some actual cobbler!

Caramels for Karson (Sea Salt): These are hands down the best caramels I've ever eaten. And I'm not just saying that! These caramels are made by a woman who is the grandma to a sweet little boy named Karson. He was born less than six months after R, and has a serious heart defect. He has had two open heart surgeries and the sale of these delicious caramels go to helping with his medical bills. I'm buying a batch of the pecan flavored ones right now! Click here to get some of your own!

Torie and Howard Organic Hard Candies: These organic candies are made without most major allergens including corn syrup, gluten, wheat, casein, soy, and dairy! They are really delicious and have a lot of flavor. I got quite the sampling of them and definitely ate them all while writing this. Opps!

If you're looking for a monthly box full of necessary supplies and plenty of pampering, definitely check out Bonjor Jolie! It's only $16 a month and well worth the cost!


  1. This box looks awesome, I so want everything in it! haha


    1. The food is always my favorite! I should always eat it slowly so I can save some of the treats for later but I absolutely always binge eat it all at once! I also ordered some of the pecan caramels and they came yesterday and are almost gone. They are so so so good!