Subscriptions: Ipsy June 2014 Review

How cute is this bag? I love the print and the bag itself is really sturdy. I wish Ipsy would have a famous designer create a bag for them every month!

NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair: Meh lipgloss.

Realtree For Her Perfume: I can't decide if I really like this or don't like it at all. Something about the smell really appeals to me, but something about it also reminds me of cheap drugstore cologne. I don't think I'd ever wear it, but I don't mind grabbing it and smelling it, if that makes sense. ;)

Carol's Daughter Scared Tiare Styling Cream: I have no use for styling cream (my fine hair hates product) so I'll probably swap this or give it to my sister.

Nicka K Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue: The swatch of this was SO beautiful and it seemed fairly easy to apply so I got really excited. However when I tried to use it on my eyes the applicator was sharp (and poked me a couple times!) and I had a hard time getting a good line. The color also wouldn't come off even with makeup wipes when I made a mistake, and though I appreciate a long lasting color, this was a little too much. I'll probably try to use it again though. I love bold, colorful makeup.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil: I haven't used this on my eyebrows yet but I wasn't totally impressed with the swatch I did. The tip of the pencil broke off right away, and it didn't glide on very easily. However I always fill in my eyebrows with a similar color (right now I use a powder) so I will definitely be testing this out eventually.


  1. Our boxes were super different again this month! The only thing that they had in common was the gloss.. I actually liked it quite a bit though. Did ya not care for the color, texture or staying power?

    You're gonna have to do a tutorial on the daring eye makeup you wear some day.. I always go waay boring so anything fun at all look crazy to me (on me). I always admire other people pretty eye make up though!


    1. Oh it's not the lipgloss it's me. I'm just not into lip products especially gloss. I don't love the feeling of stuff on my lips and my hair is ridiculously long and always gets stuck in them, it's kind of gross, haha.

      I'm not sure I'm talented enough to do tutorials but I might have to try sometime! A few weeks ago I was wondering if my eyeliner was too intense for taking R to dance class, and then I realized I had hot pink hair so it probably worked, hahaha.

  2. Got it- that is fair enough! I tend to have hair/lip product issues too lol.

    You are too talented enough! Plus I would love to see the new hair! (I'm living vicariously though you- I have to leave my hair boring for my job. I miss my pink hair lol :() annnd as far as your realization- that is awesome! haha