F#!% It Friday

- Right now R is coloring in her My Little Pony coloring book. She'll grab a color and go "Mama watch me color blue!" Then she'll exuberantly color all over the page when I watch, and then quickly sit on it. Then she'll jump off and yell "SURPRISE!" so I can see what she just colored- despite the fact that she demanded me to watch her in the process of coloring. She is so funny!

- My head is also in a shower cap full of pink hair dye right now and I'm trying to wait as long as possible to let it really soak in. Yesterday my lovely neighbor bleached my roots (they were really long!) and the result was a weird reverse ombre that looked awful, haha. I posted a picture of it to Facebook and my friends said they liked it, but in real life it looked ridiculous. I'm glad we'll be back to pink shortly.

- My little brother is in town right now from California (he's a cook in Lake Tahoe) and so we're having a big (maternal) family gathering tomorrow at my parents house. My grandma and grandpa are SUPER conservative (not completely politically, but in dress/ manners/ etc.) and they are probably not going to be the biggest fans of my hair, hahaha. I mean, my mom makes sure to tell me every time we see each other that she doesn't like it, so I can only imagine what my grandma might say. Especially if she gets a few glasses of wine in her...

- R is going through a really shy phase right now, and wouldn't even look at my brother when we first went to see him. She covered her eyes with her hands the second we got out of the car and was screaming, clinging to me, and just having a fit when we got up to his room. Then he read her a story and it was instant BFFs again. She adores both my brother and sister and I know they love her too. Their relationships are so special to me! I'm glad R has so many aunts and uncles that love her (N's family is beyond amazing as well.)

- I'm working on a post about dystopian YA Lit books I've read. I decided I should try and read a few more series' before I put the post up, and right now I'm reading the Chemical Garden trilogy. It sort of sucks, but not as bad as some of the other ones I've read (*cough*Divergent*cough*) so I'm trying to get through it. I feel bad I've pushed my classic goals to the side but I need a looooong break after War and Peace.

- I've been stalking my health insurance website (everyone does this right?) and the $30,000 claim has processed. It changed from saying it was from my stomach doctor to saying it's from the hospital which would make a lot of sense. I can see how three full days and nights would equal 30k in charges. It says we may owe $1,456.6, which looks like the rest of the yearly out-of-pocket maximum from my insurance plan. I certainly hope so. The $130k charge (seriously, how the hell were two- not even very serious- surgeries that combined lasted MAYBE 2 hours be that much?!) so we'll see what happens with that. You know I'll be checking every couple hours, hahaha. A bunch of other claims processed for lesser amounts of money but the website says it's estimates may not be accurate (i.e. we may be charged more) so we should be rolling in bills pretty soon. Yay exciting!

- But the red Commander is now detailed and up for sale. I am praying we get some interest in it SOON!


  1. I'm looking forward to the book post. I read a lot of YA dystopian fiction too.

    1. YA Lit is one of my guiltiest pleasures! I don't think I'll ever stop reading it!