Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
- Posting has been sparse around here because we have been sick! It all started with what I thought were severe allergies in R (I made a 3am supermarket run for Benadryl!) and then yesterday morning R woke up burning hot. She had a fever, aches, and chills all day and had intense nightmares (about dinosaurs chasing her) every time she's fallen asleep.

Her temperature got up to 104.4 which is the highest fever she's ever had. Thankfully she hasn't had any anything other than typical flu symptoms, and after a little bit of Tylenol her fever went down to 101.4. I know I shouldn't get worried about a fever unless it's nearing 106 or is presented with other troubling symptoms but as a mom I'll never not worry. My pediatrician has a really helpful guide to fevers:
I've been sick too but so far it's felt like a cold. I'm hoping I don't deteriorate into a full blown flu like R, and N has been coughing too so I hope he's not in for anything nasty either. I hate when any of us are sick, and when R is sick it makes me feel so bad that I weaned her myself in January. I'd feel so much better knowing she was still getting antibodies, but that's just growing up I guess. Let's just say I'm really, really not looking forward to her starting preschool.
- I hope R feels better ASAP both because I feel awful for her and because this week is her recital! She's supposed to wear her costume to class this week, Saturday is her official dress rehersal, and Sunday is the recital. I thought I'd be excited about this because of how well the holiday show went but I'm not. At all. Both the rehearsal and recital are drop off only, and I won't be able to go backstage with her before/ during/ after the rehearsal or show (I walked R right up to the stage for the holiday show!) Parents aren't even allowed to watch the rehearsal, and they want the little girls there for 3 hours!
I can 100% understand this policy, and if R was even 4 or 5 I'd feel completely differently, but her class is full of 2-3 year olds and I just don't think the kids that young are going to handle that well. I know R, and I have a bad feeling she's going to freak out at all this. There will be parent helpers for every class, and I should have signed up to help with R's class but I was in the hospital and not thinking about it. The studio owner said if helper spots for other classes don't fill up I could do that so I'd at least be backstage, but I don't want to do that. R would need my attention.

I might pull her out of the rehearsal and show, but N is firmly opposed to this. He says I need to talk to the dance teacher (I have a feeling a lot of moms are going to feel the same way I do) and at least see how the rehearsal goes. I absolutely don't want her to not be in the recital, it'd be another huge letdown, but I don't know if I can deal with this kind of headache and probably heartbreak.

- I'm just drained right now. Physcially and emotionally. I've been putting off a serious talk with my psychiatrist for awhile now, and I know it shouldn't wait any longer. I need to change medications again because the one I'm on (that worked so well for me a few years ago and that I put so much hope in) is just not cutting it. I would love to find some sort of equilibrium, even for a little while!


  1. I would think that it would make life easier if the moms of the youngest girls were backstage. But I have absolutely no experience with dance...

    1. I would think so too but I'm a noob as well. I mean, I know there's limited space but these are very young girls we're talking about!

  2. I hope that you all are starting to feel better!


    1. Thanks lady! I'm so/so but I'm more worried about Reg. We're going to see how today goes.