Thursday Thoughts

- This has been a crazy week for weather here in Colorado and of course, my house has missed out on all of it which has been good and bad. Lots of rain, hail, and even (little) tornadoes across the rest of the state but at my house we've been lucky to just get a sprinkling of rain. I defintiely do not want any hail over here, but a nice rain soaking would be nice. The sprinklers are back on and we're watering twice a day to help with the crazy dead spots we have (thanks Hank!) and free water would be nice, haha!
- I cleaned out my car yesterday and we were going to go vacuum it but it looked like a nasty storm was coming so we didn't. And then the storm bypassed us completely. Today we were going to go vacuum it after lunch when it started thundering and sprinkling- and now it's stopped but it's crazy windy. Why doesn't the universe want me to vacuum my car? It needs it BADLY!
- Speaking of my gross car, I ordered a trunk liner for my car because Hank has made an insane mess back there with his hair and all the dirt he picks up at the dog park. I'm so anxious to get it but they custom make them for every make/ model/ year of vehicle so the shipping estimate isn't until the end of May/ beginning of June and I'm so impatient!
- R has been totally cracking me up this week. I don't know where she comes up with half the stuff she does but it kills me. Just a few minutes ago she brought me a carton of blueberries and goes, "Is this a good idea? I want to eat these." Oh and this happened...

I was in my room putting away laundry and she was in the office/ playroom playing. When I realized her incessant chatter had gone silent I went in to see if she had fallen asleep and sure enough she had- literally in the middle of eating peanut butter with a spoon! And no, I hadn't brought her either that peanut butter or that spoon!

- Just about every dystopian YA series I've read this far has referenced people "tasting bile" (The Divergent series was so bad about this.) What? First of all, do people actually get a bitter taste in their mouth when they're upset? I have GERD and reflux 24/7 it doesn't get worse when I'm upset. Second of all, if this is a thing that happens it's surely stomach acid- which does not contain bile. Bile should not be in your stomach (if it is then you have a very serious problem called biliary reflux) and if you ever taste it for some reason you should probably get checked out by a doctor. I refluxed bile once in middle school and it was a BAD TIME. And then you know my experiences with bile after my surgery, haha. But yeah, just so we're clear stomach acid =/= bile.



  1. I miss the days of eating peanut butter out of the jar...

  2. Hahaha, I was hanging out with my sis in law and niece last week and the baby was in the other room "reading".. we heard her go quiet so I went in to check on her and she was busy ripping pop-ups out of her dino book. Lovely lol