Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
- Alright y'all this first trouble is a real doozy. If you're not sitting down while looking at this you might want to. I logged onto my health insurance website to see if there were any claims pending from my surgeries and well... 
Those are JUST the claims from my doctor/ surgeon. They aren't from either the hospital or the anesthesiologist who bill separately. That is $164,368.68 in charges. I couldn't make this up if I tried. I did a lot of research into how much the surgery would cost (just the pacemaker though), and everything said 60k max. The pacemaker itself is only 5k and the surgery doesn't take very long. Never in a million years did I dream it'd cost this much money. If I'd have known I'd have never gone through with it.
I'm scared. I am really, really scared. I don't know how much we're going to be liable for when the claims are processed (they're still pending right now) but I am freaking out. Our surgery insurance is 80/20 and that'd leave us with almost $33,000 worth of bills if they even cover that much! I also don't think these charges include the hospital stay or anesthesia and if that's another god-know-how-many thousand, I am really going to lose it. If I don't lose it before we even get a bill...
- In other poopy health news I went to my doctor yesterday and turning up the pacer was a no-go. They want me to wait at least three months so my body can fully adapt. My brain says "I totally understand" and my stomach and heart are like "screw you we want faster results!" My appointment is scheduled for July.
- In news that should not be sad but is sad anyway, yesterday (after a weekend of prepping- thanks mom!) I listed all of R's old cloth diapers up for sale. There's over $500 of stuff I'm trying to get rid of, and I hope I can get rid of it fast! I want someone to buy the entire lot but I don't think that's going to happen. I already have a few people interested in different things, I just hate taking the time to split things up like this. If I get it all out eventually I'll be happy though. It's just sad to move on from something that I was so into at the time. If we were planning on ever having another baby I'd have saved these without a thought but since R will be our last and she's using the potty, it's time to say bye-bye.
- As you know, if you keep up with hockey, the Avalanche were eliminated from the playoffs last week (was it only a week ago? my days are running together!) in a total heartbreaker of a game. I have been planning on writing an actual piece about this season (not that most people who read here care but what the hay) but it's just been *too soon* right now. Hopefully I'll get that up this week.
- R's bookcase came yesterday and it's tiiiny. I mean, it fit everything it needed to fit, but it doesn't like... fill out the wall well? I don't know, this is a stupid thing to complain about. Also, the sliding sides don't stay put and keep rolling to the middle. I'm going to pick up some velcro strips and try and solve that problem myself.
- We still haven't painted R's room but our mortgage is due this week and N got half the paycheck he normally gets last week because of the vacation. Because he's a mechanic and is paid a flag rate (for how many hours of work he finishes, not how many hours he's there) he usually makes on average 70+ hours. During the summer when he's busy he's made over 100 hours before! But vacation pay is 40 hours a week which isn't money we could ever live on. Combine that with how much you spend going on vacations and well, we can never afford real vacations. Just hospital stays. Although if you read the first trouble we can't really afford that either.
- I've been reading the Maze Runner books and they are awesome! A thousand times better than those craphole Divergent books which I refuse to talk about. But the trouble is that they are kind of scary, and I am kind of a baby. I have definitely had some nightmares, hahaha! No shame!
Positive thoughts for me regarding those medical bills please! I need them!


  1. Does your insurance havecan out of pocket maximum for a year? Most do even though you pay 80/20. It could be really high like $10,000 or not so bad $2,000. Check into that.

    1. Oh my gosh, you may have just saved me from having a heart attack. Right now it says that for me I have a $3,500 maximum deductible for the year, of which I've already paid $2,043.36 (just the appointments have been crazy expensive.) If I only have to pay another $1,500 I will cry in happiness. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  2. Being Canadian I can't relate to the hospital bill side of things, but I can say that I have a husband who is absolutely DEVASTATED that the Avs are out of the play-offs and I would definitely be interested in a post about the season.

    Crossing my fingers that you only have to pay the $1500!

    1. You married the right man!!! I am typing up the post right now! And yes my fingers and toes are crossed too! That would be the biggest weight off my shoulders!