Thursday Thoughts

- We had a strange morning today. Last night R kept waking up crying and saying that her legs hurt (growing pains is my guess) so we let her sleep in our bed. She slept very fitfully and when N was about to leave for work she heard him go downstairs and BOLTED out of bed screaming, "BUBBA! BUBBA! I NEED YOU!" He set her up in her own bed with some cartoons and she watched them/ slept while I slept too. Then she woke me up because she had pooped in her overnight pull-up (uggh) and it wasn't pretty. I put her in the shower and she wanted to get out fairly quickly. I wrapped her in a towel and set her on her bed so she could dry off. She fell back asleep and slept until 1:30pm! I'm not sure if she's just growing or fighting the bug I had on Sunday/ Monday but she seems ok right now.

- I used the opportunity of her sleeping to sleep more myself. I have felt awful this week and it's really bumming me out. Two weeks ago I felt pretty good and figured my pacer was helping. Then last week I had my period and the hormone shift always makes my GP a lot worse, so I figured that's why I didn't feel as good. It's over now but this weeks I've felt just as awful. This week I feel exactly like I did before surgery.

- As you have probably realized I haven't started my elimination diet yet but I need to. My motility is still as awful as ever which I knew would happen so I need to be more proactive about it. It's just going to take time to do things like bake bread with no grains or dairy or really anything (uggh) and I just feel too sick to even care right now. I'm hoping N can help me get on the right track.

- In non-health related news R has her recital photoshoot on Sunday! They're going to get professional pictures of them taken in their costumes and they want all the little girls to have "curled pretty hair" and makeup! Hopefully R behaves because this could either be the cutest thing ever or a total disaster.

- This is so accurate:

 - Yesterday was a very bittersweet day for me. We finally sold the red Commander which was my second car ever. My first was the Wagoneer that I got into the horrible accident in, and it was after that accident that my dad took pity on me and bought me the Commander. I'll never forget picking it out on the lot, and driving it home white knuckled because it had snowed and I was still fresh from the accident and totally freaked out.

It drove me to this house for the first time, home from my wedding, and to and from our honeymoon- where we almost blew up the tranny going off road! It was our last ride as a family of two and our first ride as a family of three. It took me to countless days of school and waited for me after every emotional, panic attack filled day on campus. It drove me to graduation, and more than an hour away to pick up our sweet Hank. We went so many wonderful and terrible places in between, and I'm going to miss it so much.

But as nostalgic as I am, when the time came to chose between it and the other Commander that N put the new motor in, I was too in love with the sunroof/ heated seats/ rear a/c, etc. of the other car. Seriously guys, that sunroof is the best thing ever. Last night a guy came to drive her away and I sobbed like a baby. I didn't meet the guy who took it but N told me he has 4 kids and needed the Commander for it's 3rd row. I'm glad it's going to a family, hopefully they will love it as much as I did. I think they will.

Goodbye Freedom Mobile. I will forever hold you in the place in my heart reserved for inanimate objects. Happy trails.


  1. I love our heated seats and sunroof. Even when it's warm I'll click on the heated seats just because I love how it feels.

    1. I do the same thing, haha! I never realized how much I loved it until I had it for myself!

  2. Heated seats are amazing.. I even use them in Phoenix lol!


    1. Haha I don't blame you! N wants to put heated seats in his POS car because they make his back feel better when he sits in traffic!