Small Victory Saturday


It's been awhile since I've done one of these because Saturdays seem to get so crazy around here. Today was a really awesome day though, so I thought I'd share more of what went well this week.

- Earlier this week I deep cleaned our living room (after I bought a new rug for it!) and it felt so good. Well physically it actually felt awful and I cried all night from abdominal pain, but it was good to get done. Of course it's messy again, but really just needs to be spot treated.

- I also got R's room cleaned out. I sold all her nursery furniture, and am just waiting on getting her old bedding and storage baskets sold. I thought for sure they'd go before the junky furniture but I haven't gotten any interest yet! I just want all of it out of here! All her new furniture (except for her bookcase which is coming Monday) is set up and the room just needs to be painted. I'm going to take my time with that though because I really need to focus on my health.

- I started washing and sunning all her old diapers in preparation of selling them. I left them all at my moms house because she can sun more of them on her huge deck and she's been washing and drying them for me when I'm not there. I am listing them for sale next week, no exceptions!

- R and I got out quite a bit this week, even a trip to the dog park with just the three of us (including Hank.) I was worried I'd having trouble walking the mile+ around the dog park but I felt fine. It's more of bending and twisting movements (like vacuuming) that hurt me.

- All this has been made possible by a slight reduction in nausea! I didn't take any nausea meds yesterday (although I broke down and took a stomach emptying one), and I've only taken one today- but that's because I woke up so incredibly naseous in the morning that I had a panic attack. And I couldn't spend today feeling like crap because...

- It was R's day to shine! We slept in, and when she woke up she found her two presents. A brand new My Little Pony that had magically appeared over her while she slept and a MLP adventure set that I had wrapped and put on her bedside table. It was the sweetest thing- as soon as she woke up she walked into my room with the present. "Is this a present?" she said with her eyes wide. When I told her yes she said, "Is it for me? Can I open it?" and she squealed with joy when I said she could. She loved it!

We took a shower and then went to visit N at work so we could get lunch with him. She had an entire chocolate cupcake and a few bites of hamburger (of course, haha), and then we went to an indoor trampoline park called JumpStreet. It's one of her favorite places in the world (probably number 2 after Gigi and Grandma's houses which are tied for 1.) She jumped and played for hours and then we went to Toys 'R Us for her to spend a giftcard and some cash she had gotten.

She picked out a bunch of MLP stuff along with two cars (she finally got the police car she's desperately been wanting) and a toy horse. I loved watching her pick stuff out- seeing what tickled her fancy. If something was too expensive she was a perfect angel about putting it back. I was not so good when I was her age! After the toy store we went to our favorite cupcake boutique, Gigi's Cupcakes and she picked out a bright pink cupcake with a crown on it! She'll have it after dinner seeing as how she had a full cupcake lunch, haha.

I thought for sure she'd nap when we got home but of course she had more energy than ever and jumped on her bed while watching Clifford on the iPad. She just cracks me up. We had an amazing day and it wouldn't have been possible without the pacemaker. Of course I still don't feel very good, but I felt good enough to be out all day and that is HUGE progress. Hopefully my small victories will start getting much bigger! :)


  1. It's so wonderful that you were able to have such a special day with your daughter. Definitely sounds like a perfect day to me. :-)

  2. So glad to hear things are improving for you, if only a little bit. Sounds like a super fun day!

    1. We had a great time! I think I want to do the same thing for my birthday, haha!

  3. Aww what an awesome day! I am so glad to hear that things have been going better. I love that she came in and made sure that the gifts were for her- what a sweetie!!


    1. I know isn't she so sweet? She is very thoughtful and polite and concerned about others. Totally not how I was as a little kid (I think I went into self-preservation mode after I got siblings, hahaha) so I just relish R's sweetness!