My baby is three!

Three years ago today, at 5:55 p.m. a baby was born. Or I should say, finally born because I pushed for six hours while she laxidasically made her way out of my womb.

And she was perfect.

She took a few seconds to observe the world around her before opening up her tiny little mouth and announcing with a scream that she was here. Reagan Olivia Blehm was here to change the world.

We had a rough start, but after a few months my love for her hit me like the proverbial sack of bricks. And I cried and I cried because I loved her so much. It was as if my heart had never been full until she came into my life. She completed me.

Today she is the funniest, sweetest, most incredible child I've ever met. I marvel every day at her wit, compassion, and boundless love. She feels the distress of others and delights in their joy. She is always thinking about the wants and needs of others, and always makes sure to bring me a cheese stick if she's eating one herself.

She is the light of my life, my pride and joy. My heart bursts as I watch her become a little person. She is becoming an awesome little person. 

She is my first, and definitely my last, and I try and soak in every moment of her life. She may have blossomed into a total "threenager", and she may scream "YOU DON'T LOVE ME! YOU DON'T WANT ME!" and run into her room and slam the door when I tell her not to put spare change in her mouth, but I delight in every hilarious outburst. (On most days.)

In honor of her birthday I've conducted a little interview:

Favorite Color: "Rainbow Dash"

Favorite Pony: "Fluttershy" (I'm pretty sure it's actually Twilight Sparkle)

Favorite Food: "Mac 'n cheese"

Favorite Song: "The Hammer Dance and the Princess Dance"

Favorite Animal: "I like horses, I like Blackjack" (The pony from her birthday party)

Showers or Baths: "Baths, no, showers, no baths, ummm"

As I finish this R (who has opened Pandora herself on N's phone) is dancing and singing along to Katy Perry's Roar. She is just the sweetest.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!! Happy (belated) birthday to Reagan! What an adorable little character. And I love the term threenager, haha.

  2. Happy Birthday Reagan!! The picture of her in the strawberry dress is the best- I love how her expressions have always been exactly the same!