Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- You know what is always the biggest trouble on Tuesday? The fact that it's our "Monday" because N has to go back to work. Obviously I miss him and miss the help he provides, but R is just devastated every Tuesday morning when he's not home. Last week she woke up, went to the top of the stairs so she could peek into the bottom room where N goes every morning to watch TV when he's home, and just broke down sobbing/ shrieking "BUBBA!!! I NEED BUBBA!!!" Then she went downstairs and just collapsed on the floor and fell back asleep. It broke my heart! Today was better thankfully. She crawled up on my bed, held my head in her little hands and went, "I need Bubba come home" before passing out again. She is so sweet to love her Bubba so much but hello, I'm here too you know?! Ah the life of the not-favorite parent.

- As an update to last week's trouble, the 30k charge changed names from my stomach doctor (well, his associate that is) to the name of the hospital I was at. Which makes much more sense, and is what I expected the hospital bill to be. I also have a $1,500 claim from who I believe is the anesthesiologist, and two claims for about $150 from the radiology department. Those are small beans compared to everything else! The $135k charge is still "in process" so we'll see what happens there. I do appear to have a "maximum out of pocket" benefit to my account and it's only $3,500. Plus I've already paid $2,000 of that already with all the appointments and tests I've had done so far this year! The bills haven't started rolling in yet, so I can only pray my insurance website is accurate. And you know I'll be keeping an eye on that huge charge. Good grief!

- And can you believe my insurance was charged almost $500 for one vial of blood and a thyroid panel? What the heck? And regarding that apparently my thyroid is still hyper but I changed the brand of medication I'm on, and I think the dosage but I'm not sure how things translate so I guess I'll see when I talk to the doctor in a few weeks. Did you know being hyperthyroid can cause hypermotility where you digest things really fast?! Yeah, that's not happening over here. -_-

- Sunday and Monday Colorado decided to give a big F U to everyone who had planted flowers over the weekend, and there was a freaking blizzard! It snowed consistently for two days straight! If you know me you know I HATE snow and cold weather, but after all that happened in 2012, I am glad for any and all moisture. I'd rather out entire state not be on fire again.

- I also felt like absolute hell on both Sunday and Monday. I don't know whether I had a stomach bug, or my GP was flaring up, or my body was trying to kill me because I ate a few pieces of steak on Saturday night, but it wasn't fun. I didn't throw up, but it was just hours and hours of room-tilting, blood-running-cold nausea. It came in waves which leads me to believe bug, and if that's true than hopefully neither R nor N caught it because that's nightmare #2 on my list of emetephobic nightmares.

- I've been reading some new dystopian YA List book series for a post I'm putting together and uggh, why is everything so terrible or mediocre? Obviously I'm not ever hoping for say, Harry Potter (not really YA or Dystopian but you know what I mean), but I don't think another series as good as the Hunger Games is out of reach. I have a few more series to get through and hopefully I'll be impressed by something!

 - I really want one of the new Raspberry Peach Blossom cupcakes from Gigis but my store never seems to bake cupcakes on the website's set schedule, and I don't want to go down there if they don't have it because hello I'm not going to say no to any of the other cupcakes in front of me?! Difficult problem, right?! ;)


  1. Our winter lasted forever, but I think it's finally finished. It's mild and sunny today and I have every single window in the house open. Hopefully there's no more snow in your future!

    1. I'm hoping our winter is done too! Today is sunny and looks gorgeous out the window but is still pretty cold. I'm ready for 80 degree weather!

  2. Yay for the insurance stuff. Has anything happened with the big balance yet?


    1. YES! All the claims have been going crazy on the health insurance website and both the 130k and 30k charges changed names from my surgeon to the hospital, so I have no idea what went on there but whatever. It says that "you might owe" about $1,500 which would line up with what my maximum out of pocket deductible is. I haven't gotten any bills in the mail yet but I am cautiously optimistic. Only $1,500 would be a freaking godsend!