Subscriptions: Bonjour Jolie May 2014 Review


I got this box on time last week, but I've just been feeling too sick to get everything together for my review. Sorry for the delay!


May is Bonjour Jolie's one year anniversary so this months theme was celebration. Since May is also R's birthday I totally agree! ;)


The Edibles:

Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies: This was a trip down memory lane for me! At my high school they sold these in the "snack" area, i.e. where everyone had to buy food because the hot lunch was always sold out and we weren't allowed to leave the school for lunch (they're allowed to now go figure.) I ate these all the time and they are just as good as I remembered. Nice as soft, just the way I like my cookies!

Tootsie Pop: My favorite type of sucker in my favorite flavor. Win win! R tried to claim this but I had to teach her a valuable lesson in sharing and eat it myself. I'm so mean!

York Peppermint Patties: I love these and R doesn't (she doesn't like anything minty) so I got to eat them all, haha!

Stash Herbal Teas: Once again I get fruity teas and I couldn't be happier. I mixed the blueberry and blackcurrant teas (iced of course) and it was so delicious. I need to look for this brand next time I'm out buying tea because it was amazing.


The Pampering:

Feminine wipes and Advil like always. True story: These Advil packs saved my life last week when I had a killer headache and couldn't find our big bottle of Advil (it was in the car for some reason.) I have  never been so happy for something from a subscription box in my life!

PHILOSOPHY STUFF!: I was SO excited to see Philosophy samples in this month's box. The celebrate scent is amazing (get it, celebrate?!) and the be somebody lotion smelled amazing as well. I love the quality of Philosophy products and always buy them at Sephora.

The Gift:

Custom made bracelets! This bracelet is multi-layered to look like more than once piece. It had white bands with "peace", "believe", and an infinity charm, and two braided blue bands. It's so pretty in real life and I love the infinity band so much- I was already wearing a similar one! The black bracelet is my new medical ID bracelet, and it has a medical alert symbol on the front and an infinity charm on the back. Bonjour Jolie knows me too well, haha!

If you're looking for a monthly box full of necessary supplies and plenty of pampering, definitely check out Bonjor Jolie! It's only $16 a month and well worth the cost!


  1. Ooh, I love the bracelet from the box. I love you med one too, that's so neat that you can get pretty ones these days :)


    1. I agree! I found this website called Lauren's Hope that has all kinds of cute ones. And also, my name is Lauren too!!! So it was like, totally meant to be, haha!