Subscriptions: Citrus Lane June 2014 Review


So this is really late, but I thought I'd post it anyway. When I went to take pictures of a few of the subs I got around this time I noticed my camera batteries were dead so this (and a few other reviews I posted in June) was taken with my phone camera. My pictures are usually pretty bad and this makes them a lot worse but what are you going to do.

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Pad (Princess): R really liked this and it was a good way for her to practice her fine motor skills. Of course, we ended up with stickers on EVERYTHING for a few days, but it was fun for her for the 10 minutes it lasted. This would be perfect for a kid that was a little bit older.

Crocodile Creek Mini Shaped Puzzle (Ladybug): This is a super cute puzzle and was easy enough for R to put together (almost) by herself. We're still working on puzzles and while she can do a digital puzzle no problem, she still has problems with real ones. That is probably saying something terrible about my parenting!

Plum Organics Go Bars: I let R eat both of these (not at once of course) and she really enjoyed both of them. She loves bars (Chewy, Nutrigrain, etc.) so I'd definitely buy these if I saw them in the store.

Episencial Peaceful Bubbles: We don't take a lot of baths here (we co-shower) but the next time she does take a bath we will for sure use this. It smells wonderful!

Coola Sunscreen: I've received samples of this before and really like it. I'm always glad to have more sunscreen!

Bumkins/ Disney Baby Wet Bag (Ariel): Apparently they sent out an e-mail for you to choose which wet bag you wanted this month, but because my mom is the one who gifts R this subscription I obviously didn't get the e-mail. I'm not sure if my mom picked this or not, but it's actually what I would have picked myself for R! I really don't like the whole Disney Princess thing but R has seen and enjoyed The Little Mermaid (she loves the fish!) and she also has an Ariel barbie that she loves. This bag is perfect for storing her wet swimsuits!

My threenage when I try to take a picture of her!


  1. Threenager!! Haha, I feel that she will ALWAYS keep you on your toes ;-)


    1. Oh man will she ever!! She has got a BIG personality and it's a blessing and a curse!