Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
I'm late to the game today but I'm here!
The troubles:

- Today is my baby sister's 21st birthday which is a trouble because it makes me feel so old! I'm going to be 26 in October and while I'm not particularly concerned with getting older, it still feels strange. Then again I have a 3 year old so I feel super old every day!

- My sister has spent the past month on a organic, raw, vegan farm in Hawaii and today she's flying to Seattle on her way home. Well it turns out that my dad's climb on Mt. Rainier (in Seattle) ended today, so my mom is flying out to Seattle so they can all celebrate her birthday out there. Fun right? Well my little brother just posted on Facebook that he's there too! WHAT THE HECK?! I am never invited to anything! 
That probably sounds spoiled but I don't really care; it hurts my feelings. My parents fly my brother and sister around all the time (my brother has been living in Tahoe and my sister was going to school at an expensive private school in California, and now she's going to an expensive private school in Boston) and those jerks can't even help me out with some frequent flyer miles so I can get to Montana without the 16 hour car trip- because guess what- I get crazy car sick! Ok, they aren't actually jerks but uggh, what does a girl have to do to get a plane ticket around here?!

- Speaking of that 16 hour car trip it's coming up soon and I am so freaked out. We drove to Vegas a few years ago and the trip was 12 hours and it was a living hell. In the middle of nowhere Utah I almost got sick and had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. I vowed to never do it again but we just couldn't afford to get me a plane ticket. I'm going to call my doctor this week and ask for a prescription motion sickness patch and then I'm probably going to take some Dramamine/ Xanax/ Ambien/ Benadryl/ whatever else will keep me asleep for a LONG TIME without also killing me. Uggh! I'm so excited to be there but I am not excited to drive there.

The non-troubles:

- In an effort to eat more vegetables (which R dearly needs, and I need as much as my stomach can handle) I signed up for a service that delivers fresh, organic produce to your house every week (or every 2 weeks if you want.) We got our first basket yesterday and it was awesome! It had beets, broccolini, kale, nectarines, peaches, peppers, plums, pluots, and zucchinis! I have no idea how to cook any of that so I've been scouring Pinterest!

- Today I successfully meal planned for the whole week, went grocery shopping, and cleaned the kitchen! Maybe I'll even make dinner too! ;) (No but really my OCD makes me weird about touching raw food so I usually don't cook.)

- The new (iced) peach green tea at Starbucks is AMAZING. I got one at the grocery store today and man I wish I had that on tap. So, so good. I need to work at a Starbucks for real.

- N has been working his buns off lately (summer is the busiest time for mechanics- everyone wants to repair their a/c even if their engine is about to blow up) and he's really excited for the vacation coming up. I wish I was as excited but that's life with an anxiety disorder. I may have a post on that coming up. :)


  1. That delivery service sounds awesome! I desperately need more fruit and vegetables.

    1. It is awesome! We were in desperate need too. Our dinner staples are meat, cheese, and sour cream if that tells you anything. ;)

  2. I turned 26 last week.. I'm with you on feeling old. I know I'm not really, but damn I feel like it haha. Trent's youngest sister turned 21 in January... that made me feel so old too. haha. (I've known her since she was ten..).

    That sucks about the plane ticket.. is it worth trying to talk to them about?

    Good luck on your car ride.. the 14 hour trip to Colorado always gets me too. I drove a lot this year and it seemed to help a ton. Do you think driving would be an option for you?

    The delivery service sounds awesome- I can't wait to hear what ya think of it after you've had it for awhile!


    1. I tried to talk to them but no dice of course. I ended up flying home from Montana and bought the ticket myself. It was expensive but cheaper than two way obviously and totally worth it. The drive up there wasn't awful for me but I was sooo drugged out I didn't want to do that again, haha. Driving myself doesn't seem to help unfortunately. A lot of the sickness is just panic related.