Big Girl Room Updates

I have a couple updates to R's bedroom vision that I thought I'd share!

PBK Juliette Nightstand & Bed
First off, that gorgeous iron bed I wanted to get? SOLD OUT. What the heck Pottery Barn Kids?! I'd have appreciated a "hey this is on clearance so buy it right away" warning or something but no, it was there one day and gone the next. So I decided to go with the bed I had been looking at first. I still like the iron bed better, but this one is adorable and in the end it's R's room and she'll like it all the same.

We also decided to not go with a dresser. R has a big vintage dresser in her closet, and the one next to her crib (that came with the nursery furniture set) just holds her fish tank and some misc. stuff. I'd rather not have her fish tank sitting on a nice dresser (it already water damaged the one it's on) so I ordered this instead:

Wayfair Safavieh Sam Console Table
It's got drawers for the fish food and other misc. stuff so it'll be perfect. I'm going to cover the top with white contact paper before putting the tank on it to hopefully prevent any water damage. I don't like the knobs that it comes with (or the knob on the nightstand we ordered) so I think I'll replace them with something cute. I'm loving these ones from Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Evening Blossom Knobs
 And in more exciting news look what came!

The pillow (from this wonderful Etsy shop) and the throw match almost perfectly! I want a white bedspread so these will be perfect pops of color! I'm also considering this rug:

Cantebury Rainbow Shag Rug
Since all the furniture, and all the walls but one, are going to be white I think this might look nice as well but we'll see. We also need a rug for the office/ playroom and new ones for downstairs (I don't want to talk about it) so I'm not sure if we'll end up doing this or not. I'm going to keep it in mind though.

All we need now is the shelf/ bookcase (still deciding on what I want), the bedding (crossing my fingers family will pick it up as birthday presents), a bed rail, and paint of course. Oh and the knobs and rug if I decide on them. Now it's time to get stitching her rainbow and unicorn wall hangings!


  1. It's going to be so cute when it's all put together!!

  2. Aww that sucks about the bed, why does that always happen?? I thought I was the only one with bad luck when it came to that kinda thing lol. I love the blanket, sooo cute!


  3. That is going to be so cute! Looking forward to seeing the pictures all pulled together.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited for it all to be done and over with so I can just enjoy the final product and stop stressing, haha!