Progress: The Beginnings [The Nursery]

The third bedroom in our house was going to be a guest room, but my surprise pregnancy with R had us convert it into a nursery a little earlier than we anticipated. Actually, the pregnancy happened so quickly after we had moved in that there was really nothing to convert. The room was a blank canvas ready for me to design.

When I found out R was a girl I immediately had big dreams of a PINK nursery with lots of frilly accents. I have never been a girly girl myself and this only encouraged me to go as girly as possible with R's nursery. These were the days before Pintrest (well, before it was popular at least) so I didn't have many good ideas to go off of. I started searching for the anchor of the room- the perfect crib set- and I just didn't find much that I liked. In hindsight I wish I would have gone the Etsy route, but the crib set I ended up choosing, and then planning the nursery around, was/ is perfect.


I ended up picking a woodland animal crib set from Bed, Bath & Beyond that I thought was adorable. However it was green and brown and very far from the color scheme that I had been imagining. After thinking about it for awhile I decided to go with moss green walls to match the green of the set, and birch tree decals that I found on Etsy.

Boy or girl I would have never envisioned myself going with a green nursery, but I couldn't be happier with the results!

The letters for her name are actually covered in craft moss. It was a very, very messy process but I think the results are adorable!

Here is what the nursery looked like up until R was about 1:

We co-slept at night and she napped in her swing for her first year so in this picture the crib had never been used (hence the bumpers and the stuffed animals.)

We cloth diaper (well, we used to- R's in pull-ups now) so we've always had to have an extreme diaper set up.

We got all of our nursery furniture from Wal*Mart for c-h-e-a-p including this rocking chair. It's not very good at rocking but it's very comfortable and it was a LIFESAVER during those early months when R was nursing pretty much 24/7. A comfortable place to nurse has got to be the most important part of a nursery. I had no idea about this beforehand but everything seemed to work out.

When we threw away all the closet doors in the house that included the sliding closet doors in both the bedrooms. Getting new sliding doors is 1) expensive and 2) a major pain so right now the closets in both of the bedrooms have curtains. These are cheapies from IKEA and I'd like to get some more sturdy ones.

Later I decided to switch up the layout of the nursery. Today the layout is similar to this with a few things switched around. I'll have to take pictures of how it looks currently as soon as I can!

At this time that swing was more important than the crib, haha. I'm glad that weaning her out of it ended up not being a big deal at all!


  1. OMG I love the nursery you created. I'm really not a fan of green either, but that is beyond gorgeous. I love that it isn't the typical pink frilly little girl's room :)


    1. Thank you! It fits my tomboy daughter very well! Though I think she'd be happier with monster trucks painted on the wall, haha!