Progress/ After: Office/ Playroom

Remember these?

I couldn't call these pictures a true "after" yet because there's still a few things I want to do in this room. It definitely looks and feels unfinished. However I won't be working on it for awhile so here are some pictures of what it looks like today...

Here is the view from the door. I forgot to get a better picture of it but the toy cabinet (cubbies?) has been a wonderfully functional piece. It's right over the only heating grate in the room so I added "legs" to it by painting pieces of wood I found at Home Depot and having N screw them on. It's a little bowed in the middle from when N climbed on it to get out the window (to hang Christmas lights) last year, but what are you going to do.

 This is R's reading area. That rocking chair was N's dad's when he was little!

And here are the Tattooed Lady and Mr. Darcy. They're in love you see. (You know who else is in love in our house? Elmo and Cookie Monster. But that's another story.)

This is the bookshelf, an idea straight from Pinterest! It's just rain gutters from Home Depot screwed into the wall! I rotate the books every so often so R has fresh choices. Also I never want to read "Dinosaur Dig" again.

Here's itty bitty R helping her Bubba (that's what she calls N) put up the shelves. Check out the mullet!
This is another Pinterest project of course. I saw the picture a few years ago and saved it to the desktop. I showed the picture to N and he came up with this all by himself! R has SO many stuffed animals, and I am always buying her more because she actually plays with them. I love this thing although it could use a few more bungee cords.
Here is my desk with our desktop computer on it. I don't love the layout of the desk but there was nowhere better for the computer tower to go (it's too big to go under the desk.) Eventually I want to get a bigger/ nicer monitor (i.e. score a hand-me-down from my dad's business) and put something up on the walls. I like the corner desk but it makes decorating above it tricky. I'm not sure if I want to do shelves or artwork or hang up that bulletin board again. But right now I've got bigger fish to fry so this will remain on the back burner.

Did you know sliding closet doors are expensive?! I sure didn't when I threw the old ones in a dumpster! To be fair we really didn't have a choice in keeping the old closet doors because they were broken and smelled so horrible, but putting up curtains was not my first choice for finishing the closets in this room and R's room. However I actually really like the way they turned out (I'd just like to get nicer, more substantial curtains one day), and it's actually very functional in this room because the curtains make it easy to access my craft area!

In a perfect world all my organization tubs would match, but in a perfect world I also wouldn't have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (disclaimer: that is literally not a joke.)

I have another cubby (wow I hate that word!) in here to house all my craft supplies. All those drawers had labels on them but R decided to pull them all off one day and stick them to things in the bedroom.

And here is my desk. The black and white containers on the shelves (which I scored from Zulily [HERE'S MY REFERRAL LINK!] for a steal!) house ribbon in all colors of the rainbow. I got REALLY into making ridiculous looking bows for awhile, but I've sort of cooled off on that since R won't let me put anything in her hair anymore (which is a real tragedy because she finally has hair now!) I really need to use up that ribbon to make bows to sell in my mother-in-laws thrift shop, but I've been too lazy up to this point.

And that is my craft room! If we ever get another, bigger house I'd love to have a separate room for the office, play room, and craft room but I'm dreaming. LET ME DREAM.

Oh, and just in case you're interested the color of this room is Martha Stewart's Sharkey Grey matched in Behr paint (duh). Guess where I found this color? ;) I love it!

Before and afters!


  1. I love the book shelves.. I recognized all of the books (esp Everyone Poops), I have a
    3yr old boy.

  2. I love the cute little chandelier thing in your craft area!!

    1. Thank you! I totally found it at Goodwill for only a few bucks!