Progress: The Beginnings [The Bathroom]

As I said before the bathroom was definitely in the worst shape of all the rooms in the house. When we moved in we hoped it was one of the rooms that we could completely renovate right away (we did buy a new toilet before we moved in), but due to some unforeseen events we ended up having to put it off.

We moved into our house in mid-July of 2010 and then got married on July 24, 2010. In the beginning of August we had an immense family tragedy occur, and only a few weeks after that we learned that *SURPRISE* we were pregnant! That is all a story for another post, but it has to do with the bathroom renovation story because I got so, so sick during my pregnancy that I ended up having to spend a lot of time in that awful, awful bathroom. We bought a shower mat for the horrible stained bathtub and I remember very clearly crouching down on that mat, not daring to put a toe off of it, and crying about how miserable the situation was. First world problems of course, but hey, I was really hormonal.

In late March of the following year (I was due in early May in case you're curious) we got our tax refund back a bit early and decided it was finally time to re-do the bathroom. Well, I'm not sure N had much of a choice in the matter, but it did have to be done. Because it was our only bathroom and I was peeing close to every 5 minutes I went to stay at my parents house while N did the work.


Remember this picture? Do you blame me for crying?


This was after we removed all of the horrible "oak" fixtures. You can sort of see the royal blue "sky" ceiling in the corner. *shudder*

Before actually doing the renovation I painted the bathroom the same color as the bedroom.

There were THREE layers of flooring in there. The original linoleum (which you can see at bottom left), a layer of tile, and then another layer of tile!

This is a good example of how damaged the walls were. I primed and painted that spot but chunks of the drywall started to fall off soon after.


I have no idea what had gotten all over the tile but it wouldn't come off. This also doesn't show all the cracks, stains, etc. in the tile. Someone had done some terrible patchwork to it.

When it came time for the renovation Nate ripped the room down to the studs. I wish we could have done this to the entire house, but you know, money and blah blah blah.

The dark spots on the floor are water damage. The bedroom is directly to the right of the bathroom and the water damage spot had continued into there.


Drywall up and tile laid!


N decided to use spray texture on the bathroom walls. He went through a lot of cans (they say they cover WAY more square feet than they actually do) which was expensive but the result is nice. Unfortunately you can still see the drywall seams, but we've already talked about dear N's drywalling skills. ;)


The color of tile and grout.


The edge of the bathtub has a lip that is supposed to stick out from the wall. N didn't realize this and put the drywall over the lip instead of behind it. Because of this the wall is sloped and he had to cut the tile on the sides of the tub at an angle. I can hardly notice but I know it drives him crazy. He wants to rip it all down and redo it someday but I'd rather not.

The finished bathroom! We got the vanity from Home Depot, the cabinet was a wedding gift from a dear friend, and the mirror came from Hobby Lobby and I spray painted the frame white. Right now we have a different shower curtain and rug but there's been no major changes to it. All in all I am in LOVE. You don't realize how much you appreciate a nice bathroom until you have to live with a terrible one for awhile.

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