There is progress in the "big girl" room!

We decided to take the side off R's crib a few weeks ago, and every night she has fallen out of it, and almost every night she has ended up in our bed because of it. Since it was a windy, rainy day today and N didn't want to be in the garage to finish fixing the red Commander, he decided we might as well set up the furniture in R's room and get her some mattresses.

I had originally wanted to put it all together at once so it'd be a grand birthday surprise, but life just about never pans out that neatly. ;) In the end, she's only three, and each new phase to her room is going to be a fun surprise so I put my own issues aside and decided to do things in stages.

First I cleaned all her old nursery furniture and listed it on Craigslist. It's in pretty rough shape (it was cheap Walmart stuff to being with) but I think the price is fair ($75 for crib, changing table, dresser, nightstand, and mattress) so I hope it moves ASAP. Because right now it's living in our front room and it's already gotten old. I also put her crib bedding set up for sale which made me sad, but I'll be happy if another sweet baby gets some good use out of it.

After getting everything but her dresser cleaned out of her room (her dresser has her very heavy [and stupid] fish tank on it so that's a project in itself), N set up her bed and console table (that her fish tank is going to go on.) He moved the mattress and bed spring but had to run to hockey, so I set up the nightstand myself. Let me tell you, it was hard work. I had to physically take it out of the box and remove the packing materials. And then I had to place it where it needed to go. ;)

I also put the contact paper on the console table so it'd be ready for the fish tank. I found a great pink chevron pattern (yes, I have a problem) on Zulily and luckily it didn't take 6 months to ship. Just one. I'm debating covering the bottom of the console table and the top and inside of the nightstand. I have plenty of extras so I guess I'll keep it around and see if I ever get the bee up my butt.

Today at Target we bought her a light for her bedside table which I don't love but whatever, and a very cute sheet set that I actually like a lot more than what I had picked out at Land of Nod. Also, I buy it and possess it immediately which helped.

They're these pink, chevron sheets from Target:

And I'll probably grab a few more sets next time I'm at Target because having one pair of sheets for a toddler bed is basically Russian Roulette.

I also went ahead and ordered a hideaway bed rail, and a comforter/ bed skirt. Again, as much as I loved the Land of Nod stuff it was just too expensive to be practical. So I ordered these off Amazon and plan on never looking at the Land of Nod Site again:


I'm thinking about her canopy right now so I ordered tulle in red, (they were out of orange), yellow, green, blue, and purple from fabric.com. I think I'm going to make a valance canopy as opposed to a hoop one, and so I also bought this gorgeous, white, minky fabric to cover the box.

I bought 2 yards with the lofty hope of also making a throw pillow. You'll have to wish me a lot of luck to pull that off with my sewing skills. ;)
I'm still considering and reconsidering bookcases and right now I hate everything but you know.
So here are the pictures I have of the actual room so far. They aren't great quality because it's night, R is running around (nude), and I'm still really shaky from surgery, but just in case you're curious...

Taking down her crib was really hard for her. She cried all day about not wanting a "big girl bed" but as soon as it was up and jump-able she was SO excited.

I'd say she likes it...

Please disregard that old dresser.

Here's where her fish tank is going to go! I'm going to keep her shoes on the bottom shelf. Right now some towels are living there because they used to live in the old dresser and I'm not sure where to put them now.

I CANNOT WAIT to get this painted, all the old furniture GONE (and all her old cloth diapers, good lord those need to go), and have everything finished. I had half finished projects laying aroung so this is going to be stressful but hopefully she'll stop falling out of her bed (we have a rail she can use until the hideaway one comes) and we can start getting restful nights sleep!


  1. My little one was always falling out of bed and still does some days. We never did it but I heard if you put a noodle (the ones you swim with) under the fitted sheet it is supposed to work.

    1. That's a good idea too! My husband was a bed faller-outer and still does occasionally, hahaha. I'm hoping the bed rail will work!

  2. N still falls out of bed?? I don't know why but I'm always irrationally afraid that I'm gonna fall out of bed and it terrifies me.. so dumb lol.

    R's room looks so good already- and it totally looks like she's loving it.

    I'm so impressed that you've been able to start putting it together and that you were able to wrestle the nightstand so soon after surgery. I hope that you're feeling as good as you sound :).

    On a side note to my novel- did you cloth diaper R? I always thought that I saw her in disposables, but I could be losing it.. I ask because my sister in law is about to have her second and she's thinking about cloth diapering. She did disposables with her first and she's only going to have about 14 months between them.. so it sounds like a huge undertaking to me.. but what do I know lol. Do you think that it was difficult or that going from 0-2 with a newborn is going to be impossible??


    1. I did cloth diaper R! There were a few times we had her in disposables, and she was in pull ups for a while until she started wearing undies during the day, but I have a whole cloth diapering booklet I made for a friend a long time ago and I've sent it to tons of people since. I'll e-mail it to you and you can e-mail it to your sister! Going to 2 in cloth will be difficult but over time she will save soooo much money!

    2. Thank you so much for the email! Work has been insane and I haven't had a chance to go over it in depth, but just in glancing over it I saw that it was AWESOME! Cait will love it.

      Thanks again!!!!