Progress/ After: The Bedroom

The Bedroom is another room I can't call "after" yet because there are still a few things I want to (re)do to it. But it's come a long way, and I'm excited to show off the progress!

Here is the view from the doorway. For some crazy reason I decided to paint the bedroom a similar (but lighter) shade of blue after the room was washed/ primed. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm not- and have never really been- a blue person. I'd like to repaint it a nice, light grey (duh.)

Because our bathroom had zero storage I decided to make a vanity in the bedroom. It's just a white desk from Target (I've found that actual vanities just don't have enough drawer space) with a mirror I got from Hobby Lobby. I've gone back and forth about whether to paint that mirror white since I bought it. I think once I start re-doing everything else in the room I might finally go for it.

Unfortunately I needed even more storage than the vanity afforded. So right now I'm using this cheap-o cabinet from Target for my hair stuff and other odds and ends. My medication basket and the Duchess love on top of it, and above them is my (not out-of-hand at all) nail polish collection! If we ever get a bigger house with a bigger closet (my dream, *sigh*) I'd like to move this as well as my vanity into a large master closet.

Above my vanity is a shelf that I have a picture of R, a print from Paris, my college diploma, and a 1996 Stanley Cup commemorative stick on. When I re-do the bedroom I'd like to move the mirror up a touch and put a light above it. I bought a set of three floating shelves to put over the bench, and I think that's where I'll move this stuff to.

Here is my bedside table. I got two matching ones on Amazon for $80 (I also bought another for $40.) Their quality reflects their price, but I like the way they look and I love how much they cost. Please ignore the sharpie on the top drawer that a certain toddler thought was a nice decoration. I plan on repainting these sooner or later.

We used to have a large dresser right here with a TV on it. But after I had R I decided I didn't want a TV in our room anymore because I couldn't sleep with one on, and I think it'd be better to just have one TV in our house right now. We moved the dresser into R's closet and bought this awesome wardrobe from IKEA. It needs to be secured to the wall and leveled (that will fix the crooked door) but we keep forgetting to do it. (The door on the left side of this picture goes out into the hallway and the door on the right goes into the closet. We still haven't painted these doors yet- or any doors in our house.)

I was sick of always having stuff sitting on the bench so I decided to order another bedside table to put the stuff on. It holds Reagan's hair stuff and all kinds of other junk. I really like having it here to catch (most) of our clutter!

Boring view of N's side of the bed. On the shelf of the bedside table are two handmade boxes that my dad brought us from Nepal.

Look at that real bedspread and throw pillows people! It took us 7 years of living together to finally get a bed set that looked nice! I got this comforter off Zulily after lusting after a similar one from Anthropologie for forever. Unfortunately the price is reflected in the quality, but at this point I'm not willing to spend anymore money on a comforter, and I'm just thankful to finally have one! I have an art print that I want to put above the bed but I haven't gotten it framed yet since framing is so stupid expensive. I actually have a ton of art prints that need framing, but I really have no idea when I'll get around to that.

So uh, these curtains... When I bought them at TJ Max I thought that they'd have ruffles all over them. Then when I put them up I realized that they only had ruffles on the edges. I liked them anyway and didn't think much about them for awhile until one day I was laying in bed and it hit me. They look like, um, curtains that Georgia O'Keeffe would hang up if you know what I mean. Now I laugh every time I look at them but they sure are pretty (and made from a great material!) so they're staying up.

I inherited this bench after my paternal grandmother passed away and my grandfather moved into a nursing home. I can't remember what brand it is, but it's a well known bench brand (lol) and it's just beautiful. We re-covered the fabric on top when we got it, but it needs to be re-done since cats of years past clawed holes in it, and R has stained it. I'm thinking a gray chevron fabric, obviously.

And here's a certain little miss who had to take pictures too! ;)


  1. hahaha love your Georgia O'Keeffe curtains- too funny!!


    1. Hahaha oh man the minute that realization hit me I started cracking up in bed so hard that I almost woke up my husband! Whoops!