Inspiration: R's "Big Girl Room"


At R's one year doctor's appointment our pediatrician told us to keep her in her crib as long as possible. Unless we were going to need the crib for a new baby there was no real need to transition her in a hurry. Well, we took our doctor's words very literally and now at two months from being three years old she's still in her crib. I don't mind at all. She's a sneaky little thing and I know for sure that she'd get into lots of trouble if she wasn't confined at night. Heck, she gets into all kinds of trouble in there already! I've always said that I'd take the crib down as soon as she could either climb out of it or potty trained and so far neither have happened (though we're getting close with potty training!) At my mom's house R has her own room with a crib and a full size bed (my old bed from high school!) in it, and the past few times my mom has watched R she's only wanted to sleep in the big bed- and she's done wonderfully! With her birthday coming up now is finally time to say goodbye to the crib (and changing table!!!) so I've been thinking about how to transform her nursery into a "big girl" room.

When I asked R what she wanted her room to look like and she told me "a room." She may be a very highly opinionated almost three year old, but she doesn't quite grasp the concept of decorating. Thus I knew it was up to me to design something that she liked, and that I liked as well. My first thought when it came to a "theme" was My Little Pony but I didn't want a bunch of branded stuff everywhere. So I decided to take a cue from how I'm decorating for her party, and go in a very colorful direction.

The first thing we'll do (after removing the aftermath of the tree decals from her room *sigh* is paint her entire room a very, very light grey (almost white.) Then, on the wall where the trees used to be we'll paint a rainbow chevron pattern similar to the one in the picture. I have no idea how this is going to work out and we'll probably spend way more money than we should on paint but dammit I have a VISION OK?! N is going to be thrilled. ;) For the plain wall next to her window I'm going to hang framed (or kept in hoops) cross stitches of a rainbow and a unicorn.

For her bed my mom said she'd get that gorgeous iron bed from Pottery Barn Kids (she had said she'd get R a bed for her birthday, and then said she wouldn't, but is back to saying she will again fingers crossed) and I'd also like to get the white comforter and pillows (and grey sheets) from The Land of Nod. White might be easy to dirty but it's also easy to bleach! For some pops of color on the bed I've already ordered both that rainbow chevron pillow from Etsy, and bought that vintage rainbow chevron throw from eBay.

I also think we'll do either one or two of those bookcases from IKEA to keep all the collectible stuff she has in her room. Right now it's all on two sagging shelves and it's a hot mess. There's a lot of really special stuff there and I'd like to have it displayed properly- but hopefully out of R's  destructive reach. I think I might keep some of her books in there as well, but I'd rather not have any toys in there as transiting to a regular bed is going to be tough enough without a bunch of distractions in the room. If all the stuff fits on one bookshelf I think we'll move her stuffed animal "zoo" in there as well.

I'm excited and now completely impaitent to get this done although we have a month before we should do it so it's a real birthday treat. Not that we don't have a ton of other stuff to worry about. ;)


  1. Again- is it sad that I'm jealous of a soon to be three year old?? lol she is gonna have the cutest room!

    Also... Do you remember the date of the post that you posted all the pictures of R in her flower girl dress? I was trying to show T the dress and I couldn't mind the post! annnd do you remember the name of the etsy shop that it came from? Thank you!!


    1. Hahaha I'm jealous of her room too. We were never allowed to paint our rooms fun colors growing up so now I'm going overboard! ;)

      And yup the post is here: http://anothermomanotherblog13.blogspot.com/2013/11/rs-flower-girl-pics.html

      And the shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OliviaKateCouture

    2. I wasn't allowed to paint or put up posters either! Now I get why you're going all out ;-)

      Thanks for the links!!

  2. Haha I love her response to your decorating plans. This is so fun!! Please post the results!!

    1. I definitely will! I'm so excited to get started and we have awhile, haha. I'm thinking maybe the weekend before her party she can stay at her Gigi's for the weekend and we can knock it all out for her. The painting is going to take forever but my vision must come to life! ;)

  3. Love the rainbow theme! I'd love to hear how the transition to the big girl bed goes since I'll be doing it this summer! Yikes! :)
    Home Style Love

    1. I will definitely post about it! Thanks for stopping by!