F#!% It Friday

I kind of need a tattoo of that panther, and N kind of wants to kill me.
- The concert on Tuesday was amazing! Despite the day turning out a little crazy (I got a random [massive] nose bleed in the shower while rinsing off the dye, Hank pooped all over the house, the smell of said poop was so awful I threw up in my mouth, and we had to flee to my mom's house so I could stay there until N got off work and could get home to clean up the mess), I was feeling relatively good. When we got to the venue the limited number of chairs were already taken, but we had a great standing spot right under an a/c vent which felt amazing. Before the show I met up with an old friend and it was really great catching up. I saw another old friend from high school as we were leaving as well!

The tour was co-headlined by my favorite band Taking Back Sunday and another band called The Used. I was a fan of The Used's first album when it first came out 12 years ago (omg), but I haven't kept up with them since. Luckily TBS played first because by the time their set was over my legs were about to fall off. But they played all my favorite songs- including a song I requested on Instagram!- and I didn't even realize my legs were about to fail me until they left the stage. I've seen TBS at least four times in concert now and I will never get tired of watching them play!

N wasn't into the music (he also took me to a TBS concert last year) but he had fun just experiencing it with me. I feel the same way when we got to see his favorite band Lucero in concert. N says I don't get drunk enough to enjoy Lucero's music, but even if I did drink alcohol (which I don't), I could never be drunk enough to like that. ;) After the concert we couldn't figure out what to do about dinner since we hadn't eaten before the concert and it was 11pm. We settled on buying breakfast for (late) dinner stuff at the grocery store, and when we got home N made me a delicious omelet! We caught up on our DVR and rested easy knowing R was in good hands with her Gigi and Poppy.

- I was so nervous to let her start having sleepovers- I mean, she only weaned in January- but now she loves having them, and I love her having them, haha! She has her own room at my parent's house complete with a canopy bed, reading corner, and every toy/ book she could ever want! Not to mention another wardrobe and a bathtub filled with way more toys than we keep over here! My mom has always kept a room fully stocked with stuff for R (when R was a baby she had a crib, swing, glider, boppy, diapers, etc.) and it's so, so nice. Both R and I are very lucky to have my mom!

- Anyway, the morning after the concert/ sleepover my mom took R to dance class. And guess who was there? THE AVALANCHE PLAYER. AND I MISSED IT. One of my friends from class texted me and said he was a super nice guy and they were able to chat about the Avs. So. Jealous. Ok, I would have been totally awkward, but hello I am a GIGANTIC Avs fan and I'd have loved to hear an inside perspective! Maybe he'll come again- hopefully when I'm there as I'll be out for awhile after my surgery!

- Speaking of the Avs, the past two wins coming in OT after being behind for the vast majority of them game? Stressful but amazing. Last night they tied the game with less than a minute left in the final period, and N and I (and R too) lost it screaming! Then they won in a shootout! I'm so bummed that I won't be able to go to any playoff games because of the surgery. And hopefully I won't miss any games while I'm in the hospital!

- Also on the seriously annoying day that was Wednesday- I woke up to a dead phone. It had been charging all night but wouldn't turn on. I figured that the completely cracked screen had finally done the poor thing in, but since my phone upgrade isn't until the end of the month and I'm waiting with baited breath for the Galaxy S5, I had to find something to get me through April. After having N call my mom she found an old phone for me, and I spent TWO FREAKING HOURS in the Verizon store (hell) with a hyperactive toddler (double hell) to get the phones switched.

When we got home I plugged the new (old) phone into the charger, and it wasn't charging. So I tried another charger and that worked. Suddenly it occurred to me to plug my "broken" phone into the different charger and yup, it wasn't actually broken at all. Luckily I was able to switch phones again from home (so much easier!) but what a waste. I used to have more common sense than this, what is happening to me?!

- I fell asleep last night around 5am (yay nausea!) and R woke up at 7:30am screaming and burning hot. She has a ~100 degree fever (i.e. just barely a fever) but she said she hurt so I gave her some Tylenol. I try not to medicate fevers unless I have to because they help burn off illness. She seems chipper now but is milking being "sick." It's too bad we'll have to miss dance today though.

- Somehow she's become obsessed with a show called Jake and the Neverland Pirates (it's based on Peter Pan sans the casual racism, and most of the creepy man-child-ness of the movie) and if I hear "yo-ho let's go" or "yay hey no way" someone is going to need to lock me up. -_-

Ok this is probably long enough. Happy Friday!


  1. That's so awesome that you made it to the concert and had fun- yay!!!

    As far as the phone..sometimes you just can't win with electronics... I have a very similar story involving me and a kindle.. oops.


    1. Haha oh no! I had R step on a Kindle and send it to Kindle heaven. I was so sad because there's no way to repair those e-ink screens!

  2. As you might know, Em is a huge Jake fan so we are doing a pirate party for her. I am tolerating it. We already have her Izzy outfit and my Mom is making her a pixie dust pouch. Yo ho matey.

    1. (Somehow my blog freaked out and posted a bunch of extra comments so I deleted those if you got any weird notifications or anything.) Anyway, I wasn't sure if she liked that show or just pirates in general, haha. It's pretty decent as far as kid shows go. I mean, who isn't cool with pirates? And as long as they the terrible Native American stuff out of the show it's cool with me. The repetitiveness kills me though. YES IZZY WE KNOW WHO GAVE YOU YOUR PIXIE DUST SHUT THE HELL UP.