F#!% It Friday

- First things first: HOW ABOUT THEM AVS?!

At the end of the second period the Avs were down 2-4 and I thought for sure the game was over. I went upstairs to pee and decided to sit down on my bed for *just a minute* and ended up passing out cold. I could hear N screaming downstairs but it wasn't until he came up shouting "THEY WON! THEY WON!" that I was roused. I can't believe I missed all the good parts! But then again, maybe me stepping away from the TV was a reverse jinx? It's only weird if it doesn't work, right?

- We finally got our tax refund back yesterday (I had been nagging N to get our stuff to the tax guy since February) and it was half of what we usually get. Because he is a really hard worker, N made enough money last year to bump us into the next tax bracket- which means the government gets to take even more of our money! Hooray! Because of this we're going to wait on the kitchen cabinets. I am definitely bummed out. I bought a new rug for the office/ playroom today to make myself feel better.

-  I bought Hank a head collar because he has become impossible to walk. It's not that he's a particularly badly behaved dog, but at 110lbs (and growing!) any sudden movement yanks my shoulder out of it's socket. The combination of his puppy exuberance and massive size is just too much for me to deal with when he's on a leash. I'm glad there's a 69 acre dog park practically in our backyard, but he needs to learn how to walk on a lead.

- I also bought some new Bath and Body Works three wick candles. I just finished off my Cinnamon Doughnut candle and wanted to get another one, but they were all out of the three wick ones. I bought the last three little jar candles they had in that scent, and then got three wick candles in Vanilla Lavender and Coconut Leaves. They smell like summer and I am ready for it!

- I really need to get back to my classics reading list while I'm in the hospital and recovering. I finished the last book in the Divergent series last week and holy shit, I have never been so livid at a book in my life. I could hardly sleep the rest of the night because I was so pissed off. I have never said this about a book before, and I have read a lot of terrible books, but I wish I could go back in time and not read it. I wish I could literally erase it from my brain. I found a review online that perfectly surmises my feelings regarding the ending here (obvious spoilers.) Uggh I can't even think about it anymore.

- I need to pack a bag for the hospital this weekend and it's weird to think about packing a "hospital bag" when I'm not giving birth! I've only stayed the night in a hospital twice; after getting my appendix out (and I didn't pre-pack for that!) and after giving birth. I think the pain and recovery from this is going to be in the middle of those two incidents. At least, I hope so!

- R has dance again tomorrow and I'm hoping it goes better than Wednesday. On Wednesday she started crying and refused to go in. She told me she wanted to go home and go to sleep! So I took her home without her even stepping foot in the studio which made me mad, but she did go home and sleep (after a lot of crying of course.) She's growing right now and woke up screaming last night with leg cramps, but I really wish she'd just be in a better mood all the time. It really grates on me.

- Well it's 1:30 in the morning right now and I should really try and get to sleep. Nausea-insomnia has been a real pain to deal with. Here's hoping I get some better nights sleeps with the pacer!


  1. Woo goo Avs- that's awesome!! and hey- naps are important when you have insomnia- there are always recaps ;-).

    Taxes.. uhg! I was in the same boat this year. HATE them!

    I hope your surgery goes nice and smooth. I don't remember reading- how long so you have to stay in the hospital?


    1. Nobody is sure yet! It could be one night or it could be five depending on how well I recover. Most people who get this surgery have thrown up so much they are severely malnourished and have a hard time recovering, but since I only have nausea and no vomiting I should *hopefully* heal alright. I guess we'll see!