F#!% It Friday


- I woke up in my own bed today and it felt glorious! I think N might have been more excited than me actually- the couch he slept on for two nights at the hospital looked even worse than my hospital bed! But we're both home now and that's all that matters. I'm trying to put all my positive thoughts into the functioning of this neurostimulator because I don't want to have surgery again for a long, long time.

Today I decided to try and rejoin the world of the living, at least a little bit, and I brushed my hair and put on makeup for the first time in a week (well, the latter was the first time in a week- I brushed my hair a few other times this week, haha.) I've been really shaky so I actually ended up looking even crazier than normal but what are you going to do.

I even sat outside today while N helped his best friend Travis work on Travis' Camaro. Unfortunately our friend Sean passed away earlier this week, so Travis and his family drove out from New Mexico (he's currently in the Air Force) to attend the motorcycle/ car ride and funeral. It was great to see Travis and one of my favorite ladies, his wife Courtney, but I wish it was under happier circumstances. N was going to drive his Camaro but on a whim he sold the wheels and tires off it last week in order to get new ones, and only two wheels showed up today. He's going to drive his mom's Camaro (she also has a '67 but hers is an RS/ SS, i.e. much nicer than ours.)

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it tomorrow because I'm still feel pretty crappy. I had another episode of bile reflux today but luckily it didn't turn into bile vomiting (at least yet, knock on all the wood in the world.) I haven't started my new diet yet because we've been so busy, but I think I probably need to because I should be eating very little fat with my pylorus slightly open right now. That didn't stop me from eating Panera's mac and cheese for dinner though.

- In other news I am completely pissed off at the Avalanche and don't even want to talk about it.

- In better news I got the most amazing care package ever from my friend Sandie (she just started her own blog, you have to check it out!) who lives in Canada. She sent me two of the most gorgeous indie polishes along with some tools, and tons and tons of Canadian candy! Did you know "Smarties" are different in Canada and waaay better than ours? True story.

- My MIL and her husband also stopped by to check on me! They brought me the most beautiful gerbera daisy I've ever seen and put it in this awesome old liquor bottle with a kraken on it! I sort of want a kraken tattoo. I can already see N saying no.

- I took my lip stud out when I went into surgery on Monday and I lost the top of it when I got out of surgery and tried to put it back in. I didn't think it'd close because I go years between wearing earrings and my ears have never closed but no dice, it is completely healed up. I'm not sure if I want to spend the money to get it done again but I probably will. I also want my nose pierced. N is thrilled.

- My arms are so bruised right now- I look like a hardcore drug addict. For some reason my veins didn't want to cooperate this week, and it took 5 pokes to get the first IV in, and then I had to get a new IV put in a few days later because the first was hurting so much. I should probably be wearing long sleeves in public.

- Ok I just finished this entry with only a few more hours left in Friday but what are you going to do. Hopefully I'll have some more substantial posts up sooner than later- and N and I need to get R's new room going!


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend :(.

    I've noticed that (my) facial piercings tended to heal insanely fast too.. more blood flow than to the earlobes or something I guess??


    1. Thanks! :(

      And yeah I've heard that too, and especially about the mouth. I just don't want to go near a needle again but I do want it back, waaaaah!