Friday Phone Dump


I got this new purse in the mail last Saturday but didn't see the package until Sunday, haha. Here is N modeling it! And yup, it's real! I saw a picture on Jezebel of the rapper Eve holding a similar purse, and one of the commenters said it was from the brand Jump From Paper. I got on eBay to check out the prices and was astounded/ excited to see them for less than $20! I bought one immediately... and then realized it was a knock-off. Oh well! It's still super fun.


I also learned how to cross stitch this week! I found this hilarious pattern on Subversive Cross Stitch and yup I'm pretty much in love with how delicately naughty it is! I can't wait tackle even more of their patterns. And yeah, everyone I know is getting cross stitch stuff for every holiday from now on. I'll probably down down the language for the relatives though, haha! ;)


I got my first two bottles of Enchanted Polish in the mail this week from eBay. It FAR AND AWAY the most expensive nail polish I've ever bough but it's fun just to have a couple. Enchanted makes the most gorgeous holographic polishes I've ever seen and I'm super excited about the ones I got- Kids (pictured) which is a purple/ teal holo, and October 2013 which is a grey holo. I'll be using that one next!

R had a great time staying with my parents. She took full advantage of being totally and completely spoiled, haha. R LOVES her Gigi, Poppy, and Auntie KK. It was a nice vacation for both of us, even though we missed N dearly.


R also decided that she'd rather nap/ sleep at night with me rather than in her crib, and I can't say I didn't totally love her cuddles!


  1. That purse is awesome!!! And your cross-stitch totally cracks me up! Haha.

    1. Thank you! My mom doesn't find my stitching nearly as funny, haha! ;)

  2. I'm back.. let the commenting storm commence ;-)

    1.) I totally thought you photo shopped the bag into the picture... so weird but cool! lol
    2.) That cross stitch is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen
    3.) The picture of R with the teddy bear is the sweetest!!


    1. Isn't it nuts?! As soon as I saw a picture online of someone with it I was just like "NEED. BOUGHT. THE END."
      The cross stitch cracks me up too! A few of my friends have been so offended by it, but I guess that's just my sense of humor. There are so many other funny ones I can't wait to do, but right now I'm working on a present for a friend's baby shower. She's having a Harry Potter shower (sooo cool!) and so I'm stitching (a VERY simplified version of) the Hogwarts crest and her sons name!
      And I know, isn't it?! She brought that big bear down to watch My Little Pony with her while we were at my parents house and I just melted!

  3. Love you're online shopping process.. that was totally me while I was home sick on the laptop alllll day yesterday. Oops :)
    Harry Potter shower?? That is the most amazing thing ever.. I may have to steal that some day! You're so talented! I hope you post a pic, I'm dying to see it :)
    Too freaking cute. I also forgot to mention in my cold medicine induced haze last night- you and R are TWINs in the picture above. So sweet <3

    1. I am SO BAD with online shopping. It is a sickness for real.
      And isn't that the coolest shower idea ever?! I've seen my friend posts a bunch of pins about it on Pintrest and it's going to be so cute! I will definitely get some pictures of the cross stitch. I'm almost done with the crest and it turned out pretty good! It's been a labor of love hahaha.
      And we really do look alike which is kind of scary. She looks a lot like me (and weirdly a LOT like my little sister!) but she has N's personality 100%!