Subscriptions: Ipsy January 2014


I could tell even before opening the bag that something had spilled inside!

It's hard to tell in this picture but even from the first look I could see that everything was coated in something gross. :(

The information card and all these proactive samples were stuck together with the oily goop. Not super stoked about getting tiny foil samples in my Ipsy bag- especially from Proactiv- but I'll be honest, my skin could probably use that. However all these had to go in the trash because it was such a mess. Definitely a shame.

This appears to be the culprit of the mess. The lid wasn't screwed on (and there was no safety seal with is pretty gross!) and so all the oil had come out leaving a rock-hard mess of scrub. This went in the trash as well.

Briogeo Don't Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask: This needs to be rinsed off but it's not ruined, thankfully. I have super dry hair so this small sample will be good for one treatment. I hope I see some results!

Uggh, yuck!

This sample was broken too and it looks like the tip was hollow! That is a total racket! And too bad too because the swatch I managed to get out of it was pretty decent looking.

This is by far the most disappointing month I've ever had with Ipsy! Even without the spilled mess the products were just blah. I've e-mailed IpsyCare about the damaged products so hopefully I'll be able to get some replacements. But even so, I know Ipsy is doing variations now so I'll be curious and probably jealous to see what everyone else gets, haha. Every box has good and bad months though so this is a bag I still recommend.

Ipsy is only $10 a month and is my favorite beauty subscription. You can sign up here using my referral link!


  1. I am sure, from other comments on the site Ipsy will take care of you. Sorry your bag was a mess.

    1. I've heard they have pretty good customer service so I'm sure they'll fix this. I am still a big Ipsy fan!

  2. Oh man, that stinks! Hopefully they will get you some replacements out quick :)


    1. I hope so too! Apparently a lot of people's bags smelled like chemicals so there was a lot of frustration on their FB page. I have the feeling everyone will be getting two bags next month lol!

  3. I signed up for Ipsy LONG TIME ago, finally got off the waiting list. I seen a lot of people get their bags and thought this would be amazing to get into.
    I got my first one last week, need to share it on my blog! Not entirely impressed, but i wont give up on them yet.

    1. This was not a very good month but I'm sure it'll get better. Ipsy isn't usually as hit and miss as Birchbox but this month was a rare miss.