Subscriptions: Skoshbox January 2014


So I had this review all written out, and then somehow I must have accidentally written over it while doing my New Years Resolution post (you can tell by the URL.) Hopefully I'll remember everything I had written down and I'll make sure not to do that again! Uggh!



Nori-komi Furikake Senbei: These crackers had a great savory flavor. You could definitely taste the seaweed, but it wasn't overpowering or gross at all. I'd eat a whole box of these happily!

Cream Chestnut Senbei: I feel like I get this brand of senbei every month with a different drizzle, but I always enjoy it so I'm not complaining. This month the drizzle was apparently "creamed chestnut" flavored, but honestly it just tasted sweet to me- like the one with regular icing did.

Ajitsuke Nori: Ok guys I tried to eat this, I really did. In fact, I even swallowed the piece I bit off! But I couldn't do more than that. Pure, thick seaweed is just too much for me. Yuck.


Choco Cake: This snack cake was ok, but nothing to write home about. It was a little dry, and could have been vastly improved with some sort of cream filling.

Soft Oreo in Strawberry: Do they still sell soft Oreos here in the US? I remember being obsessed with them for awhile (they taste just like whoopie pies!) but I tried my hardest to never buy them because they were TOO delicious. Anyway, I was super glad to get this in my box, and the strawberry flavor of the cream was really delicious. It had a little bit of tang to it which was great.

Ume Jelly Candy in Pickled Plum: UGGH! This is probably the grossest thing I've ever gotten in a Skoshbox (save maybe that eel jerky.) I took a bite and had to spit it out which I almost never do! I usually don't mind the jelly candies (though they're not a favorite) but something about the "pickled plum" flavor was turrrible.


Big Thunder Chocolate: This was a chocolate cookie covered in more chocolate. It tasted great and is definitely something I wouldn't mind having more of.

Alfort Biscuit: This was a regular cookie covered in chocolate and somehow it tasted JUST like a Chips Ahoy cookie. I'm not the biggest Chips Ahoy fan, but this cookie wasn't bad.

Shiruko Sando: According to the ingredients this "bite sized baked head cookie" has "red bean apple jam" somewhere in it, but all I tasted was a plain biscuit cookie. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't great.

This month's box didn't seem to have as many goodies in it, but I loved it all the same. Skoshbox is a fun (and relatively inexpensive) way to try different snacks from Japan!


  1. how the hell did I not know about this?

    1. Did I ever tell you about the snack exchange I did with a woman in Singapore? We both rounded up our local snack faves and shipped them to each other. Holy crap, it cost like $50 just to ship it. But it was really awesome. She also sent me this really great Jesus-themed pencil bag.