Liebster Award!

The gorgeous Melanie at Jetsettin Daisy nominated me for a Liebster Award! She has some of the coolest adventures I've seen on the blogosphere; you've got to check her out!

The way this award works is you give 11 random facts about yourself, answer the 11 facts your nominator gave you, nominate 11 people yourself and give them 11 questions to answer, and then stick the award graphic somewhere on your blog! Here goes mine:

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I was 21 when N and I got married, and 22 when I had R. But I don't feel very young!

2. I got my first tattoo when I was 17 and in Madrid, Spain on my senior trip. I went in to a clean looking shop, chose a piece of flash off the wall, and pointed to where I wanted it- on my hip. The receptionist wrote down this info on a little card for me to give the tattoo artist, and under placement I shit you not she wrote "pubis"! I knew no Spanish, but I was pretty sure that didn't mean hip. Although I was totally freaking out I went with it. Let's just say it's sort of on my hip, but you can't see it in bikini bottoms.

3. I also got my bellybutton pierced on that trip while we were in Barcelona. I took it out within a week of coming home because it started rejecting.

4. The first time I got stitches was when I was 19 and in a really bad car accident. My car didn't have an airbag because it was older than me and my face hit the steering wheel, busting it open from below my nose to the top of my lip and a little below my lip. In the ER they tried to inject numbing medication into the wound right below my nose and that was the WORST pain I've ever felt in my life. The scar is fairly noticeable but I've never felt self conscious from it (which is strange for me!)

5. I have neither an appendix nor tonsils. And despite asking to keep both I was not allowed to. :/

6. I had a septoplasty in high school to correct a deviated septum. They told me it wouldn't change the appearance of my nose but it totally did- and not in a good way. I have also had a turbinate reduction and it was basically the worst thing ever.

7. When I was giving birth to R my epidural wore off right as it was time to push. There was a lot of pleading and tears with my anesthesiologist but there was nothing she could do. I ended up pushing for the six longest hours of my life.

8. Above I spelled anesthesiologist as "anestigologist" and had to google how it's really spelled.

9. I currently have 5 tattoos, and have had one removed.

10. The first place I went to get my chest tattoo removed lied to me and used a facial laser on my tattoo instead of a tattoo laser. The removal process would take about an hour and by the time we were done my legs would be shaking uncontrollably in pain, and I would practically be choking on the smell of my burning skin. I'd have blood blisters the size of quarters and the pain was just a tiny bit below the shot I told you about earlier, but lasted much longer. It's like getting snapped over and over with a tiny, electrical rubber band. It is WAY worse than childbirth- even without an epidural! When they were closed down I went to a legit tattoo removal place and the entire procedure hurt just as bad, but only took about 5 minutes. I also never got blood blisters or any other type of wound.

11. I still want many more tattoos! ;)

11 Questions I Was Given:

1. If you could only eat one thing for a month, what would it be? This is a hard one! There's a lot of food I love to eat, but I don't know of much I could eat for a month straight and not get totally sick of. I suppose I'll go with fajitas. Yum!

2. If you could dress up as anything for Halloween (no budget or time constraint), what would it be? I have always wanted to be Alice from the America McGee video game! I've seen them come out with better and better costumes as the years go by, so maybe I'll get one for next Halloween!

3. If you won a free trip anywhere with anyone, where would you go and who would you take? I think I would go to Banff, Canada with N. We were going to go there for our honeymoon, but his mom couldn't find his birth certificate for him to get his passport. We ended up driving to our favorite mountain town in the Rockies, Telluride, CO. It was wonderful.

4. What is your favorite magazine and why? Martha Stewart Living! That shit is my JAM! Will I ever have the money to decorate or eat like her? Hell no, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming! Martha Stewart is my spirit guide.

5. What is your favorite candy? Oh man, I really love all candy. I eat candy WAY more often than I should. What my favorite is usually depends on my mood- sometimes I crave chocolate and sometimes I crave something fruity. I'd say my favorite of all time are juicy pear flavored jelly beans! I love getting bags filled with just the jelly bean flavors I like!

6. If someone gave you a $1000 gift card, where would you spend it? Louis Vuitton! ;)

7. What three websites do you have to check every day?
Facebook, Bloglovin, and Jezebel (proud Jezzie right here!)

8. What photos are sitting on your memory card right now? Pictures of the Skoshbox I got a few days ago, wrote an entire post about, and then accidentally deleted! Uggh!

9. What is the design on your phone case? Right now my phone doesn't have a case on it because I'm in a fight with the $60 personalized Otterbox that 1) had the design chip off of (it was chevron with my initials), and 2) started to break apart!

10. What is your favorite cookie? The double chocolate cookies that my cousin made N and I once, and now we eat all the time! They are the BEST cookies ever, and I am not just saying that! I posted the recipe here!

11. If you won free tickets to any concert, who would you see?
Well, Taking Back Sunday is definitely my favorite band but I've already seen them in concerts a few times. I also really love the band Brand New but have never seen them in concert before so I'd have to go with them!

11 Questions For My Nominees:

1. What's the meaning behind your blog name?
2. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
3. What's your biggest pet peeve?
4. What's your dream car?
5. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
6. What is your favorite breed of dog (or cat if you're a cat person)?
7. Where do you get your news from?
8. What is something crazy you've always wanted to do but never have?
9. What was your favorite toy growing up?
10. What recipe have you been dying to try but haven't yet?
11. What are your goals for your blog?

My Nominees:

Britney @ Lady Luck
Alicia @ Brew Mama
Amanda @ My Show
Danielle @ Lean Green Mom
Jerika @ Everyday Bay
Alison @ Alison's Blog


  1. Love your answers!!! I do the same with gummy bears! We have a store that has bins of each flavor and they're expensive but so yummy! Banff is one of my fave places ever and your cookie recipe made me hungry! :D

    1. I've never been to a place where you can get individual flavors of gummy bears but that sounds amazing! And that's so awesome you've been to Banff! It is on my bucket list for sure! Thanks again for the nomination! :)

  2. Thanks for the nomination!! Loved reading all your facts/answers. I haven't heard of Skoshbox before (I don't think). That totally sucks about deleting the post. :(

    1. Of course! The worst part about deleting the post was that I write my reviews as I'm eating the snacks so I know what I'm talking about, and now I don't remember anything! Uggh!

  3. I had septoplasty and the turbinate reduction and I'm the opposite - the turbinate reduc was nothing, but I thought I may die after the septoplasty. They had to break the bones above the roof of my mouth and I got horrible clots that they had to pull out and all kinds of horrible pain. I basically escaped to a pain cave for 2 days. My nose bled for 2-3 weeks (see: clots). And they didn't give me pain meds for after - just told me to take ibuprofen. I'd rather go through childbirth 10 times than have that done again (though I had an easy labor).

    1. Oh my gosh that sounds awful! I think the worst part of my turbinate reduction was that I had it done at the same time I had my tonsils out so I couldn't breathe out of anywhere! Then when they removed the uh, stuff that had been in my nose- that was probably the grossest thing I've ever experienced! And then all kinds of horrible stuff kept coming out for weeks! *shudder* It was so nasty!

  4. Soo many things to say! First of all- thank you for the nomination!! I promise that I will come out pf blogging hibernation soon ;-)

    Underage body mods in Spain!! My first piercing was in Madrid when I was 14- go us hahaha. One the same trip my friends sister got her first underage tat also- luckily it was placed where she wanted :) What is your hip tattoo of?

    Your tattoo removal experience- ahhhh I can't imagine that pain for an hour-- or 6 hours of unmedicated pushing either!! You are a tough cookie!

    <3 Jezebel...it was a daily read when I was in college.. now I'm luckily if I can just get all my work e-mails taken care of :(

    1. Of course! Take your time!
      And that is too funny you got a piercing there too! I was 17 at the time and thought I was SOOO cool. The tattoo is a tiny little black widow spider. Like I said, I thought I was the coolest thing ever, hahaha.
      Thank you! I am SUCH A BABY when it comes to nausea/ being any kind of sick, but I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance. That tattoo removal was just the worst though, uggh. And I need to go again (to the legit place thankfully) to get off the last tiny bits of it but I've been putting it off for 3+ years now!
      Isn't Jezebel the best? N tells me it's turning me into a "crazed feminist" and I told him to stop putting me down with his patriarchy, haha! I mostly read it for the gossip and some of the good pieces. It's a lot less extreme that a lot of other places out there!

    2. haha LOVE the "stop putting you down with his patriarchy"! They really do have some great pieces, I like their health stuff quite a bit too. As far as them being extreme- I got tired of my major senior year of college and decided to minor in women's studies.. THAT was extreme. I definitely learned a lot and met people with a lot of different/cool perspectives... but also some "interesting" ones too ;-)

    3. Oh man I bet you did, haha! I got more into Jezebel after I had my daughter and I realized that so much of the things they posted about relevant issues such as rape culture, etc. were things that were going to affect my daughter one day. I'm trying to raise a strong little woman, and be a strong woman myself, so I've gotten a lot of good knowledge and support from there!

  5. Oh I forgot to add- the place where my friends sister got her tattoo had a video of a tongue splitting procedure playing in the waiting room.. lets just saw I was horrified!!! hahahah


    1. OMG. I probably would have cried! I think I'd cry seeing that now!!!