The Sunday Currently

Wasn't too into the Sunday Social questions for today so I'm trying something a little different!



Still working on this! I haven't been able to make progress as quickly as normal since I've been so feverish lately. And James Joyce isn't really an author you want to read with your mind anything other than focused, haha.

Writing: Comments on Jezebel? Status updates on Facebook? I've been bad about doing actual writing lately. I've been working on a piece about my Post Partum Depression to share on Groupthink (a community on Jezebel) but I keep having to stop as it gets too raw. I'm going to make it a point to either finish it or scrap it this week. It's also a story I'd like to share here- I have many things lined up in my brain that I'd like to post about, but writing them out is never as easy as thinking about them!


How is this album already 11 freaking years old? I feel ancient. Regardless this will always be one of my favorite albums, and the music never ever gets old.

Thinking: So much to do and so little motivation! Welcome to my life. ;)

Smelling: The blueberry pancakes that N cooked for breakfast. He's the best!

Wishing: That I will be able to find some at-home wax strips today. My eyebrows are HOT MESS FOR REAL.

Hoping: That I can get into my GI doctor as soon as possible- after N calls them for me tomorrow.


Now you didn't think I was going to spend my Christmas money on something sensible now did you? What am I talking about this is hella sensible.

Loving: Above boots, cross stitching, Kleenex with lotion, my family.

Wanting: Everything in my Amazon shopping car that's been there forever. A dry vac, dry cleaning fluid (I've heard it works for hardcore stains!), a holder for my makeup palettes, and other stuff I don't even know I need yet.

Needing: Aren't wanting and needing the same thing? No? Not even close? Ok how about a turn around in my family's health.

Feeling: On the upswing from the flu, and PRAYING it stays this way!

Clicking: Crying laughing at this! I had no idea Vine was so freaking hilarious!


  1. Ahhh the stupid computer ate my comment (I think..) so sorry if this is a double post.

    Isn't amazon the best and worst thing ever at the same time?? I spend so much $$ with them!

    If you do decide to share your piece on pp depression I would love to read it. PP depression is yet another reason I'm scared to have kids... I feel like I'd get it bad.

    I am so glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better, I hope you all feel MUCH better tomorrow :)

    1. Ah yes I love and hate Amazon so much! Have you seen the South Park episode about Amazon where people order stuff and then completely forget what they've ordered? That is so me, haha.

      And I definitely will be sharing my PPD piece!

  2. Hahaha needing and wanting are the same in my book! Those boots are so sparkly and awesome!! I want/need them, too!! And my eyebrows have been a mess since my daughter was born (in summer...)

    1. Haha my book too! And yes I love the sparkly boots. Some people think they're ridiculous but that's why I think they're fun! And I get a lot of compliments on them! Uggh, and I bought an at-home wax kit yesterday at Sally's and it didn't work at all! Time to hit up Walgreens!