Small Victory Saturday

Another week has gone by and I've lived to tell the tale! This week was much more difficult than last week, so I've had fewer victories. But I'm trying to tell myself that I'm glad I've had them at all.

- This was my first week completely off Lexapro! Sunday was my last day after a month of slow tapering, and while I didn't feel too bad during the tapering, it's hit me pretty hard now. It's hard to tell what is me feeling like crap from my stomach issues and what is me feeling like crap from withdrawals, but I've had a major brain fog/ ache that I know is from withdrawals. It's a very strange and unpleasant feeling- it's almost out-of-body, and you feel drunk and light-headed and dizzy and weak, and it also hurts. I'm hoping it gets better instead of worse this next week because I have to wait another week before getting on a new medication since I'm going from an SSRI to an MAOI.

- N bought me broth at the store as well as Boost and Ensure shakes, and for the last three days I've stuck to a liquid diet during the day. I get a little pain/ nausea after I drink a shake (the hot broth was a no-go), but it's not as bad as when I eat solid food. I cheated the past two nights, one for a special reason and one because I thought I could handle a burger last night- and last night was stupid.

- But the special reason I cheated two nights ago was because I finally got to see my best friend Megan again! We hadn't seen each other since R's birthday party LAST MAY because she's been crazy busy, and I've been sick and anti-social, haha. We went to a delicious sushi place and I got miso soup, a California roll, and a tempura banana split that I shouldn't have eaten but was too good not to get. Seeing her was a huge victory!

- Earlier in the week I called two different doctors all by myself, haha. This probably sounds so crazy to everyone but I have major phone anxiety and especially hate calling doctors. But I scheduled a long overdue thyroid ultrasound for Monday, and my nuclear gastric emptying test for the Monday after that. 

- This is also going to sound really weird, but I started reading War and Peace for the online book club, and we were supposed to read the first 40 pages- and I'm about 170 in so far, haha. I just can't put it down! I'm in the second part now which is dealing with war, so I've slowed down a bit, but I'm totally shocked at how interesting it is. It'd be totally unreadable without my Kindle because there are huge sections in french, but my Kindle pulls up all the translations as well as footnotes right there on the page! I still have more than a thousand pages to go so I don't think my reading ahead will put me too far ahead of the pack in the coming weeks (months/ years?!)

- R has been very good all week considering how I've been feeling and we're both anxiously awaiting the arrival of first Darby Smart package that has a kit to make Sprinkles cupcakes.  I definitely should not eat any of those but I definitely will, haha.

Hope y'all had a good week!


  1. Ahh can't wait to hear what you think of Darby Smart! It looks cool though I haven't subscribed. Glad you had some victories this week!

  2. I'm sorry that you had a rough week, but yay small victories!

    Also double yay for getting off a med successfully, successful phone calls (I HATE talking on the phone too..) and for getting to spend some time with your friend =-D