Subscriptions: Beauty Box 5 January 2014




So I took these pictures a few days after I got the box (after our exile to my parent's house) and I promptly lost the lip balm that came with it. Not before using it thankfully, but if you couldn't already tell, the lip balm is photoshopped in. ;)

Jergens Daily Moisturize: This lotion went on a little greasy but absorbed well. My skin feels ok after putting it on, but it's also been super dry here. It smelled wonderful though so that's a major plus.

H20 Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash: I haven't used this yet but it definitely smells great- just like a fancy spa. This is going in the shower right away.

Swissco Body & Shower Exfoliating Gloves: These gloves are scrubby but not too scrubby like a certain scrubber mitt I got from Julep. I'll be interested to see how these work in the shower.

That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact: So I think this is going to be a movie? I barely glanced at the info card (I'm so bad) but I'm always glad to get a mirror. Surprisingly with all the other beauty crap I have, I don't have many little mirrors!

Nubar Cuticle and Nail Oil: This was just ok. It smelled nice and citrus-y, but it was hard to apply because the bristles were super hard. I think I'll be sticking with my Julep rollerball for now.

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm: Like I said I lost this before taking the pictures but it tasted really good, just like coconut. I think hemp is a great product (and no, not for THAT reason, and not because I live in Colorado haha) and it definitely makes a great balm!

Another great month and well worth the $10 I paid for the box!


  1. I am so glad that you clarified that the lip stuff was photo shopped in.. when I first saw the pic I thought I was losing it! haha. Looks like a nice box! :)


    1. Haha it's too bad it wasn't an optical illusion lip balm like my new purse! Now that would have been cool!