Subscriptions: Citrus Lane January 2014 Review



Mommy's Bliss: Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief: We don't have any kind of kid's nausea relief here, so this is a welcome addition to the medicine cabinet. I really, REALLY hope we never have to use it though!

Barefoot Books Zig Zag Zebra Coloring Book: This is an interesting coloring book. I should have taken pictures of some of the pages, but R was too busy scribbling over it. The inside isn't black and white like a normal coloring book, but is full color with certain spaces to draw/ do activities. Of course, at 2.5 R has no idea where she should be coloring, so she's just going to town on the entire thing. I think it's a cute idea but also problematic in that I don't want R to think she can color in any other book that has color in it- you know?

Farber-Castle Duo Tip Washable Markers: Oh Citrus Lane, why do you send me markers? R was over the moon to get these, and for good reason- they're otherwise forbidden. In coloring one page of the book R already got green marker all up her arm (how does that even happen?!) and on the carpet. Hopefully these markers are as washable as they say.

Plan Toys Fruit Set: This is definitely R's favorite thing from the box. She has been putting the fruit together and cutting it apart for at least an hour now! She keeps going "I'm making food for you mama!" and then bringing me the pieces. Too cute!


  1. Love the first pic of R with her box- she looks so excited :)

    I would worry about her thinking that coloring in any book would be okay too.. sometimes products don't seem to be too well thought out. :/


    1. Her excitement was seriously so cute! And yeah it was sort of WTF for a coloring book. Cute but maybe not the best idea...