Subscriptions: Treatsie January 2014

 Popbar Dark and Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate On A Stick: I already have these sitting around somewhere from some box or another I'm not sure. I'm not really a hot chocolate fan (hot beverages make me reflux like crazy!) so I don't think I'll use these. N might like the milk chocolate one, and R might like the dark one, I'll have to see.

Brittle Brothers Gourmet Peanut Brittle: This is the one item from the box I can enjoy! I love peanut brittle and although there are way more peanuts than brittle in this I'm still enjoying it. I have to like something right?!

Lillie Belle Farms Lavender Sea Salt Chocolate: Treatsie sent out salted lavender caramals last October but from a different brand. Those ones were not very good so I'm hesistant to try these, especially since they're dark chocolate, even though I love the flavors of lavender and salted caramel- though maybe not together. These will go in a wait and see pile. ;)

This was a very lackluster month for Treatsie and it seems that this is going to be the way the subscription continues. I've been on the fence about keeping my subscription for a few months now and this month was definitely the breaking straw- I cancelled my subscription right before I wrote this review. I love candy though so I will definitely be looking for a new treats box to sample!!


  1. Aww you're striking out on the boxes this month. I'm sorry! Maybe I'm just easily annoyed, but I don't like that they changed the boxes and prices and will MAKE you upgrade eventually. Buuut I'm probably just easily annoyed! haha


    1. No I totally agree, and I think it's sort of shady too. It's like, oh let's get a big following and then raise the prices on them! If they had given current subscribers the bigger box for the same price (I've seen companies do that before) I'd have stuck with them, but with all the dark chocolate I was getting it just wasn't worth it, haha.