Subscriptions: Bonjour Jolie January 2014

My Bonjour Jolie package came while I was sick in bed with the flu, hence the colorful backdrop of my quilt. ;)


The "goods"!


The edibles:

Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies: I ate these right away and I don't know if my tastebuds were off or something (I mean, they were) but these just didn't do it for me.

Bentley Tea: You can never go wrong with tea for me! And in some of my favorite flavors to boot! There were two packages of peach- my all time favorite tea!- so these were a huge win. Bonjour Jolie also included packets of sugar this month that, while I won't use them personally, I think is a really great idea. I drink my iced tea unsweet and my hot tea with a bit of honey, but I know a lot of people like sugar with their tea.

Seattle Chocolates: I am a BIG fan of Seattle Chocolates but I didn't like these little guys at all. Part of it was that I ate them (the milk chocolate ones) right away and they were a little frozen, but they just weren't for me all around. R really enjoyed the dark chocolate ones though. It's hard to find a chocolate she doesn't like!


The pampering:

Moroccan Rose Petal Soaps: I've gotten these before and when they get wet they get a little bit... slimy. They don't dissolve very well so you have to be sure to mash them up with your hands (the info card suggests using the petals as individual hand soaps) but they smell great and are really cute so I can't complain too much.

Playtex Femine Wipes/ Advil: These need no explanation from me!

BodiHeat Heating Pad: Heating pads are the BEST! When I was in high school I used to get killer cramps. Like, miss a day or two of school every month bad. I wore heating pads religiously and they were awesome. I don't really get cramps anymore (one of the few perks of childbirth!) so I think I'll pass this on to N whose poor body is sore everywhere, all of the time.

Lavender and Vanilla Sachet: Super cute and smelled great! I'd stick this in my undies drawer, but R stole it and took it somewhere. I have a feeling I'll need to check her crib, haha.

Brown Sugar and Fig Bath Salts: These smelled divine in the package! The scent didn't last too long in the bath but I could feel the oils from them hydrate my skin. I wouldn't mind putting a bucket of this stuff inside every bath I take!

Peppermint Lip Balm: I didn't see this on the info card, but I got it last month as well. It smells great and leaves my life very soft. I'm really glad to have another tube of it!

If you're looking for a monthly box full of necessary supplies and plenty of pampering, definitely check out Bonjor Jolie! It's only $16 a month and well worth the cost!

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  1. Ooh, looks like a good box. I hope that you're on the mend :)