A "Disney Side" Baby Shower!


When one of my friends approached me and asked me if I'd like to help her throw a baby shower I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to do with how sick I've been. But when I remembered the Disney Side kit I had gotten I knew it was the perfect time to use it. I went over to my friend's place early to set up and took some pictures of the stuff that I, and her mom brought. (Her mom brought the drinks and baby bottles.) Another friend brought over even more decorations and food but I didn't get a picture of what she brought. In the name of privacy I didn't take any pictures during the party, but I did get some of what I set up.

I hung up these cute Disney streamers over the table which also happened to contain her husband's liquor bottle collection. We laughed about the ironic (? I never use that word right) juxtaposition, but I thought the set up was cute.

I love making diaper cakes! I could make them to sell but I don't know what the market is like for that. This is the fourth once I've made- I did a girls one similar to this, a girl's cloth diaper cake which was very cute, and then a boys diaper motorcycle for a friend's sprinkle I held last summer. I added the little Mickey ears to the duck to bring it into the theme.

There were some pretty funny guesses for this! One of my friend's daughters said 5, but there were a few more than that. 180 more to be precise! As a prize I got a mug and Pop hot chocolate bar. I bought all the prizes from T.J. Maxx. They were really cute, and cheap!

I made this banner with construction paper, printer paper, and the Mickey stickers that came with the kit. The spirals came with the kit as well. I usually make circular banners since I have a circle cutter but I decided to go pennant style with this and used a Disney font. I think it turned out really cute!

I stuck the games I got here (the Disney games a belly measure game) but wouldn't you know it we all had such a good time just sitting and talking at the shower that we didn't even use the games! I still have the games for another time. I left the rest of the prizes for the momma to be.

I made these little banners to stick around, but they didn't add much, haha. I used construction paper and made them too tall so they didn't like standing up. Also note my gorgeous lens cap. ;)

I thought these cupcakes turned out so cute! I dyed regular vanilla frosting red, and then piped it onto chocolate cake. I used yellow M&Ms (ones left over from the guessing game) for Mickey's "buttons" and Junior Mints for his "ears." N looked at them and said he didn't get what I was going for, but whatever I totally saw it. ;)

I also made sugar cookies with the Mickey and star cookie cutters that came with the kit. I used a store bought sugar cookie packet and seriously, it is SO good. I used it during Christmas as well and the cookies turned out delicious. I am terrible at baking from scratch and didn't feel well enough to do a ton of labor intensive baking. I tried to pipe frosting on these in fancy looking swirls but I think about 1 cookies out of them all came out fancy looking, hahaha. They were still good though!

I had a great time helping my friend put this party together and had an ever better time finally getting out and seeing my friends. I stayed a long time after most of the other guests had left and only left when my sickness was just too much to handle. I am so excited for my friend and can't wait to hold her sweet little boy in just a few short weeks (if that!)

Although I received these products for free I was not monetarily compensated for this opportunity.


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    1. Thank you! :) I was just diagnosed with a debilitating stomach condition so it was tough for me to pull stuff together, and I wish I had done more but I've just been too sick. It was really fun though and now it's time to plan my daughter's birthday party in May! :)

  2. Cute shower!! Your banner turned out really nice! I totally get what you were going with on the cupcakes, btw :)


    1. Thank you! I really liked the banner too and I'm so glad you "got" the cupcakes, haha. I think N is just blind!

  3. You're so funny. You're like "I'm sick so I can't do much" and then totally blow it out of the water in regards to anything I've ever done when I'm fully well. And you probably just don't even know that you're crazy amazing.

    1. You're too sweet! I've always loved planning parties and crafting, even when I don't feel good. Ask me to hold a job though and I'm a total disaster!

  4. Very cute!! Great job! And how nice you had the Disney stuff on hand. All the treats look so yummy! I need to find some of those hot chocolate pops...

    1. Thank you! And yeah I'm glad too, it was two birds with one stone really. I've always gotten the hot chocolate pops in subscription boxes but you can get them on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Chocolate-Stick-Variety-Vanilla/dp/B006MJBFCU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1393447759&sr=8-2&keywords=pop+hot+chocolate