Subscriptions: Birchbox February 2014 Review



 Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face: I've tried the Coola sunscreen before and it smelled amazing so I'm interested in trying this. I'm not sure if it will be able to overthrow my Supergoop CC Cream but I'll give it a show.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara: I love this brand and mascara and I'm glad to have another little tube of it.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure "Palette": Ok, no, just no. This kind of setup is impossible to use with eyeshadows. There's never enough for full coverage on both eyes, and it's a pain to store and use more than once. I won't be using this at all. I would have much rather had an actual sample of one of the colors.

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil: The info card said this is an "exclusive launch" which is pretty neat. Apparently you use this on your hair to protect it from heat and breakage and it can be used all over damp hair or on the ends of dry hair. It says it's good for all hair types but now that I've friend my hair with bleach again this will probably be more useful.

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Kitten Heels: I am so excited to try this! It is supposed to go from fuchsia to magenta, which doesn't seem like that much of a difference but I love both those colors and this will be the perfect shade for Valentine's Day!

Birchbox is a fun surprise every month for only $10! Check it out with my referral link below:


  1. I'm with you on that style of eye shadow sample. Just no indeed haha

    Love the nail polish- that is perfect for valentines day :)


    1. Right?! That is just crazy. I put the polish on last night! It's a super pretty color and I put some Essie glitter over it. I should take a picture but my hands are currently all pink from my hair dye. We had a bit of a dyeing disaster over here, hahaha.

    2. Ooh, did you re-dye your hair already? You should still post, I'm dying to see it!! ((hahahah I just realized that's a super bad pun, sorry :-p))